Les interviews d'Hiro Mashima

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Les interviews d'Hiro Mashima

Message par Sun guardian le Lun 9 Fév - 21:51

J'ai vu qu'Eiichiro Oda, Tite Kubo et Masashi Kishimoto avaient un sujet pour leurs interviews du coup j'ai décidé d'ouvrir ce sujet afin que les membres du forum partagent les interviews d'Hiro Mashima.

@OMEGA97 a écrit:
There was a short Q&A session in the last fan event 『集え魔導士!ギルドの宴!!』. A Japanese fan posted what she recalled from the session, and here’s a summary of it:

1. What’s the first thing you think about when creating characters?

He starts from their physical appearance. He’s always sketching, and has a sketchbook with all his ideas. He picks something from his sketchbook and modifies it to create a new character. He comes up with the character’s name after that, and the characters ability (magic) at the very end. He’s been running out of material recently though (he gave a bitter smile when saying that).

2. What do you take into consideration when drawing both male and female characters?

No matter what type of personality his male characters have, he always makes sure that they posses some traits or behave in a manner typical of teenage males. Female characters have less variety in their looks, so he pays particular attention to their hair and style when drawing them. He draws in motifs that he likes somewhere on the characters.

3. What occupation would you have pursued if you were not a manga artist?

Game developer, since he likes games.

4. What kind of games do you normally play?

He plays all types of games, be it major titles or minor ones. He plays application games, card games and board games… he basically likes games in general. His favourite is Dragon Quest 3. It was released in winter back when he was still in elementary school. His parents sent him to the retailer by car on the day it was released, and he queued to buy it.

5. Is there anything you pay particular attention to when thinking about the plot?

He always thinks about how to add an element of surprise. He likes seeing the surprised reactions of his readers.

6. Please tell us about the artists (and guitarists) you like.

Led Zepplin. His favourite guitarist is Jimmy Page, also from Led Zepplin. He also likes “THE BLUE HEARTS”, a Japanese band. There are a lot of influences from music in his story and characters. His pen name, “Mashima”, comes from The Blue Hearts. In Fairy Tail, Bisca was inspired by Moulin Rouge. Her character was created after he watched the movie.

7. “I hope you’ll allow me to do this.” Is there anything along those lines that you want to tell your editor?

He laughs and says nothing in particular. He has a heavy schedule, and because of that, he has to meet his editor often. He wants to convey his thanks to him.

8. Will characters that have appeared early in the story appear again?

He can’t mention any details, but a rather nostalgic character might make a reappearance.

9. How do you strike a balance between drawing manga and gaming?

He laughs and says that he can’t. He doesn’t make any progress with the manga if there’s an interesting game; and makes progress if there isn’t anything interesting to play.

10. Will there be a second movie?

He can’t comment on it.

11. Why is Gajeel’s past so vague as compared to the other dragon slayers?

Amongst the major characters, Gajeel is the one whose story has been shaved off the most. He has to give priority to Natsu and Lucy, who are the main characters in the manga, and because of that, he’s had to gradually shave off bits of stories involving the other characters. Mashima-sensei himself doesn’t even know much about Gajeel. He thinks about what to draw when the time comes (to draw Gajeel).

12. What can I do to become a manga artist like you?

(Answer for this was referenced from a Chinese fan report.) He says that you can do it as long as you don’t forget about your ambition.
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