Spoil chap 882

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Spoil chap 882

Message par Kizaru-chan le Jeu 19 Oct - 12:20

Katakuri pulls out spear.
Brulee says that Katakuri has never laid down his life before.
Luffy tries to hit brulee, katakuri stops him.
[more fighting]
Katakuri’s spear is called Mogura (Mole, the animal)
Brulee heard what Luffy and Nami were talking about, reports their meeting place and time to Perospero Big Mom heads towards Cacao Island
[more luffy katakuri fighting]
Katakuri predicts Gear 4th
Pekoms cries about Pedro
Mont D’or gets information that they lost track of Bege’s ship
Mon’t dor is told by dendenmushi that Germa was crushed by 10,000 soldiers
The denden-mushi was actually Niji talking, Germa took down all the soldiers manipulates Mont d’or into telling them where the Strawhats are Germa prepares to set sail to the Strawhats.

Pour info, to lay down ici signifie mettre en jeu.
M'est avis que tout le monde va se rejoindre à Cacao Island. Je verrais bien Jajji se sacrifier contre Big Mom pour permettre à tout le monde de s'enfuir et que Sanji va voir ça. La repentance...

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