About Us

We provide information on “manga”, “novels”, “e-books” and other publishing and entertainment content based on the belief of “creating a place where books and people can meet”.

Reading books is not an essential part of life. We can live well without reading books. So is reading a book a waste of time? Is it meaningless?

No, it is not. Our lives are certainly enriched by reading books. We learn words to express our feelings, empathize with the characters in the story, and learn essential things to live by.

We believe that life can be lived without reading books, but it can be made “richer” by reading books.

That’s why we want to provide a place where “people looking for books” can find “works they want to read“.

There are so many good manga and anime out there, but it is a waste that they don’t reach the people who are looking for them.

Our mission is to create a place where people can find the exact manga, anime, or ebooks they are looking for.