Best Magic Manga of All Time

“magic manga” is a manga in which a character who can use magic appears and magic plays an important role in the story.

There is a wide variety of magic such as fire magic, water magic, and lightning magic.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting magic manga that we recommend.

There are manga that have been made into anime, dramas, and movies.

We have selected masterpieces, masterpieces, and popular works from shounen, shoujo, and seinen comics, regardless of whether they are serialized or completed.

Please take a look at this article to find manga that you might find interesting.

I was reincarnated and became the 7th prince, so I’m going to master magic at my leisure.

I want to master magic!” I want to master magic!

The man who died with only one thought in his mind is reincarnated as Lloyd, the seventh prince of the Kingdom of Saloom, leaving behind the memories of his life.

Unlike his previous life, Lloyd now has a noble status and an extraordinary amount of magical power, and he spends his time learning and studying magic.

In a world of swords and magic, the story follows the rampage of the seventh prince, Lloyd, a “magic geek”.

The 29-year-old bachelor lived freely in another world …….

29-year-old bachelor, Mitsuba Taishi, is reborn in another world with cheat abilities.

He hopes to use this ability to live freely… but a beautiful young adventurer named Malme catches his eye.

Through Malme’s trickery, Daishi ends up spending the night with her and somehow ends up adventuring with her.

It is a fantasy manga about Daishi, who wishes to live freely and alone, and how he confronts various difficulties in another world that stand in his way.

The World’s Strongest Rearguard – Newbie Searcher in the Labyrinth Land

Arihito, a former corporate slave, was reincarnated in a labyrinthine land where he was assigned to an unidentified “rear guard” job.

It was. Unable to party with anyone due to his unprecedented profession, Arihito manages to start exploring the dungeon by hiring a subhuman girl, Theresia, as a mercenary.

However, when the battle begins, the “rear guard” is a versatile position that can support attack and defense as well as recovery, and he will make full use of this power to advance the adventure.

This is an otherworldly fantasy manga about the adventures of the strongest support worker.

Ten years after I told him to go ahead and let me handle this place, he was a legend.

The party of the strongest mage, Luck, and his friends were fighting a fierce battle to defeat the Demon King. In the midst of the fierce chase, Luck shouted to his companions.

I’ll take care of this, you go ahead!”

To avoid the danger of total annihilation, Luck decides to continue fighting the enemy alone.

And so, he continued to fight on and on, finally defeating even the Demon King, Lack.

But what awaited him on his return to the city was a world where “ten years” had passed.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga about the days of the strongest mage, an adventurer from scratch.

You’ll survive by relying on potions!

A 22-year-old office worker, Nagase Kaoru, has been reincarnated in another world, leaving this world by mistake by a god-like being.

She was given a cheat ability, and what she wanted was “the ability to freely express a potion that has the desired effect”.

She will use this ability to survive in a harsh, otherworldly world riddled with magic and demons.

It is a fantasy manga about a girl who is a potion user and spends her turbulent life in a different world.

the Seven Deadly Sins

There was once a legendary band of rebels, the Seven Deadly Sins, who were said to have tried to overthrow the kingdom.

Their whereabouts are unknown.

A girl sets out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to save the world from danger.

The days of adventure began while escaping the pursuit of the Holy Knights who were chasing the sinners.

It is a battle manga in a royal fantasy world where magic and swords come out.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

“In the not-so-distant future, four holy knights will appear who will destroy the world. –They will be known as the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.”

In order to prevent a calamity, a group of one-man holy knights loyal to King Arthur target Percival, a boy living in hiding in a remote region.

Percival sets out on a journey to find out the truth about why he is being targeted.

Sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins.

A royal fantasy manga in which we can see great adventures by a new main character in a world of swords and magic.

When a clunker is reincarnated, he’s the strongest person alive.

A ridiculously clunky high school girl, Sanae Kondo, is reincarnated into another world with her childhood friend and best friend in tow.

Even after being reincarnated in another world, Hayana Megumi’s clunkiness doesn’t stop.

You’ll be involved in the adventures of those around you, and sometimes you’ll even create some crazy tricks because of your clunky nature.

It is a gag manga about a clunky high school girl and her funny friends, who depict their daily adventures in a different world.

Live dungeon!

Tsutomu Kyoya, a gamer, was invited by “God” to a world similar to the MMORPG “Live Dungeon! a world similar to the MMORPG “Live Dungeon!

In this world, people are trying to conquer huge dungeons.

Tsutomu is a healer, and will party with the beastmen Garum and Amy to take on the dungeon.

Tutom’s weapon of choice is his advanced knowledge and experience as a healer gained in the game.

By making full use of these, you will break the common sense of the world and aim to conquer the dungeon.

It is an otherworldly reincarnation manga set in a game dungeon, in which a healer plays an active role.

I’ve got a growth cheat that allows me to do everything, but I can’t seem to quit just being unemployed!

Kusunoki Ichinojo was transferred to another world by a special way of death, being caught in a horse.

At that time, the goddess gave him a special ability, but due to a mistake, it turns out to be an incredibly powerful one that allows him to grow 400 times faster than an ordinary person.

In a world of slaves, he joins a beautiful white wolf tribe girl, Haruwatato, in her adventures.

The world is like a game, with dungeons to dive, stats to see, experience to accumulate, and items to drop.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga in which the main character can be seen growing up at an unbelievable speed.

otherworldly uncle

My uncle, who had been in a coma for 17 years, woke up.

The uncle was not just unconscious, he had traveled to another world and returned to this world.

The uncle starts living together with his nephew, Takafumi, and uses his magical powers to earn money and survive.

The uncle, whose common sense in this world is 17 years behind, struggles in various situations.

In the process, you’ll also get to know the painful, sad, but funny memories of his uncle’s life in another world.

It is a gag comic featuring an ‘uncle’ who came back after being reincarnated in another world.

The Children’s War (1756-1763)

An ultra-rationalist elite businessman died in this life.

He has to live his life as a “little girl”, which is the complete opposite of his past life.

In an otherworldly army of magic and rifles, she fights as an elite soldier despite being a young girl.

It is a work that describes a young girl living in a war-torn world by making full use of magic.

I said my abilities were average!

A girl dies in the real world and is reborn in another world.

She wants to live her new life as a “normal girl”.

However, when it comes time to use magic in the other world, her abilities are far from average in strength, and she finds herself in all sorts of trouble because of these abilities.

This fantasy manga describes the slapstick days of the strongest girl who was reincarnated in another world.

Raffle Draw Special Prize Warriors Harem Rights

Kakeru Yuki, a boy who won a special prize in a lucky draw, is transported to another world with one of his favorite skills in hand.

He chose a power that would “multiply every ability by 777”.

Kakeru will use this power to take the beautiful girls in the other world into his own hands and create a harem.

It is an otherworldly reincarnation manga about a boy who uses his cheat abilities to go on a rampage in a different world.

Magical Teacher Negima!

Negi, a 10-year-old wizard, has been assigned to teach at a girls’ high school in Japan as part of his training.

The students are all older, and they are all “girls”.

Negi, who is a bit out of it, is at the mercy of the trouble these girls cause one after another.

Negi sometimes uses his magical powers and sometimes his passion as a teacher to solve many troubles.

Completed in 38 volumes.

Game of Familia: Family War

One morning, his mother, older sister, and younger sister are summoned to a different world.

While there were three family members who were expected to be geniuses in combat, Shiwei had no talent whatsoever.

Still wanting to protect his family, Shiei makes an extraordinary contract with the spirits and obtains their power.

It is a dark fantasy manga in which we can see the strongest family and the main character who works in the dark behind the scenes.

It seems that the strongest profession is neither a brave nor a wise man, but a connoisseur.

Hibiki, a high school boy, is suddenly summoned to a different world filled with danger and demons.

He had acquired skills in summoning them, but they were all non-combat related and unassuming skills such as “Appraisal” and “World Map”.

However, these skills were hiding a terrible secret.

Hibiki travels as a non-combatant adventurer while using these skills.

There are also elves, beastmen, and other races in the other world, and you will make them your friends.

It is an otherworldly adventure fantasy manga by a non-combatant adventurer.

Another world is with your smartphone.

Fuyuyoru Mochizuki was killed by a direct hit of lightning due to God’s mistake.

God decides to bring Fuyuyoru back to life in an alternate world of swords and magic as a way of apologizing.

Fuyuyoru was able to raise his physical ability, magic ability, etc... In addition, Fu yuyoru was able to come back to life in a state where he could “use a slightly special smartphone in another world” at his wish.

He lives as an adventurer in this world, but he is in a popular state and many pretty girls gather at his party.

It’s a loose reincarnation-based otherworldly fantasy manga with a super strong main character and cute girls.

Knights & Magic

A young man working as a talented programmer in the real world has been reincarnated into another world.

It is a different world where ‘swords’, ‘magic’ and ‘giant robots’ coexist.

The young man, who was also a mecha otaku, was overjoyed, and he went on to hone his magical skills to become a robot pilot.

It is an otherworldly robot fantasy manga about using magic and controlling giant robots to defeat even more giant magical beasts.

Atelier with a pointy hat

Coco, a young girl from a small village, has always wanted to be a wizard.

But a man who cannot use magic from birth cannot be a wizard, nor should he be allowed to see the moment when he casts it.

Because of these circumstances, I had given up on my dream of becoming a wizard.

One day, he sees Keefrey, a wizard visiting the village, and sees him using magic.

The girl’s fate changes drastically from here.

Coco is about to begin her training to become a wizard.

It is a story of despair and hope for one girl.


A man who died in his previous life wakes up and is reincarnated as a baby goblin, the weakest of the demons.

He takes the name Goburo and begins his second life.

Goburo was not just a goblin, he had a special ability that made him stronger the more he ate.

Using this power, you will unite the Goblins and challenge the days of battle in the harsh world of the weak and the strong.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga that describes the survival life of a man reincarnated as a goblin.

The heroine despaired.

Akira Shibuya, a high school girl, is suddenly transported to a virtual world one day.

That’s where the monsters keep killing them.

In her days of shuttling back and forth between the real and virtual worlds, it is her classmate Akiba Strain who saves her.

However, Akiha makes a humiliating demand in exchange for Shibuya’s life, plunging him further into despair.

It is a dark fantasy manga in which we see the heroine in more and more dire situations.

The Otherworldly Life of a Reincarnated Sage: I’ve Gained a Second Profession and Become the Strongest Man in the World

Sano Yuji, a corporate slave working for a black company, is suddenly reincarnated in another world.

Then, after he tames a slime in front of him, he becomes the most powerful “sage” with the power to defeat a dragon with a single shot.

He and his fellow slimes will be adventuring in a different world.

It is an otherworldly adventure fantasy manga in which a seemingly unmotivated ‘sage’ and a cute looking ‘slime’ fight against each other.

The otherworldly life of a former heroic candidate who was cheated from level 2.

Banaza, a young man who was summoned to another world as a candidate for a prestigious heroic role, is branded as a disqualified hero due to his low ability and is banished from the country.

When he managed to defeat the monsters to survive, his level increased to level 2 and his status changed to an unfamiliar “∞” symbol.

He tries to live a leisurely life in a different world using the cheat ability he had secretly obtained.

However, his abilities attract all sorts of trouble, including the demon tribe’s daughter, Fenris, as his wife.

It is a fantasy manga that describes the daily life of a cheat ability who tries to live a slow life in a different world.


There was a “Mages’ Guild” that mediated various jobs from searching to defeating demons.

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Various sorcerers belong here.

Lucy, a girl who wants to become a full-fledged mage, meets Natsu, a fire mage, and is recruited into his guild, Fairy Tail.

It was a rowdy group of messed up sorcerers there.

It is a royal adventure fantasy manga with magic and dragons.

A group of merry companions get into all sorts of trouble.

Completed in 63 volumes.


The legendary request that no one has completed in over a hundred years is called the “100 Year Quest”.

Hopelessness awaits those who take on this quest.

Natsu, Lucy, and the others are going to take on such a ” 100 Year Quest “.

A series of missions of tremendous difficulty will be blocking the way of Natsu and his friends.

You can see a new story after the completion of “FAIRY TAIL”.

The heroine despaired.

M x Zero

Kusumi Taiga has failed the entrance exam for private Sei Nagi High School.

He gets into trouble when he barges into Seinagi High School on the spur of the moment, and ends up infiltrating the school.

There, both teachers and students attended a magic school where magic was used.

Ohga, who has discovered the school’s secret, is forced to attend Seinagi High School while pretending to be able to use magic in a situation where he can’t use magic at all.

A work of “school” x “magic”. It has been completed in 10 volumes.

Another World Demon King and Summoned Girl’s Slave Magic

Takuma Sakamoto, the player of MMORPG Cross Reverie who is known as the “Demon King”, is suddenly transported one day to another world that looks exactly like the game world as the character he created.

When he wakes up in another world, he finds a beautiful girl of the elf and leopard race there.

The girls thought they had summoned the Demon King as their slave, but their power was rebuffed by the most powerful Demon King and they became “slaves” themselves.

Thus, Sakamoto Takuma will live in a different world with a beautiful girl slave.

It is a different world adventure fantasy manga about the strongest demon king and two slave girls.

wise grandson

A young man who was supposed to have died in an accident has been reincarnated in another world as a baby under the name “Shin”.

His upbringing was brought up by the “Sage”, a famous hero in this world.

Singh is the son of a wise man, and he is living a second life.

Singh had a talent for magic that was greater than that of a heroic sage.

He uses this talent to solve a series of troubles that occur in the kingdom where Shin’s school is located.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga with magic, swords, love and school life, describing a boy who lives as a ‘sage’s grandson’ in a different world.


I beg you! Please make me your servant!

Astra, 35, is a former Imperial Knight captain who has retired early to build the home of her dreams.

Noah, a magical girl (8 years old), wanders into his house on the first day of moving in.

Their encounter began with one shocking word.

It is a royal fantasy manga about the changing relationship between two people in a world with dragons and magic.

Complete in 11 volumes.

Otherworldly magic is retarded!

Yagisuimei, who lives in the present day, is suddenly transported to another world with his friends by a magic circle that appears out of nowhere.

Hachikagi Suimei had a dark side as a “magician”.

There is magic in this other world.

However, the level of magic was different from the magic that Yakagi Suimei could use, and the magic of the other world was far behind.

Yakagi Suimei will be the strongest magician and will be a warriors in the other world.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly royal fantasy manga in which the strongest sorcerer fights with magic.

Fuuin Guich

Makoto came from Yokohama with her black cat, Tito, and started living at a relative’s house in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture.

Actually, she is a witch.

He can only fly now, but he lives happily every day with his cousin Kei and his sister Chinatsu.

This work depicts the daily life of a girl who can use a little bit of magic and lives in the house of a relative boy.

The magic element isn’t that strong either.

You can talk with Chito, a black cat, and fly on a broomstick, but there are no incidents or battles, and basically it’s a heartwarming work where you just live in peace.

dungeon food

The adventurers, Laios and his party, are about to challenge a dungeon.

But we have no money and no food. We’ll starve to death on the way.

So Laius decides, “Yes, let’s eat monsters!”

A gourmet fantasy comic that takes you deep into dungeons while cooking monsters – dragons into steaks, slimes into casseroles, mandragoras into omelettes, and so on .

The setting is novel, the food looks delicious, and the relaxed atmosphere is really nice.

Daily life of a 29 year old single mid-level adventurer

Shinonome Hajime, a silver grade adventurer, lives and works in a rural village as an “attached” adventurer.

Today, he went to a dungeon near his village to do some work, and met a child adventurer girl named Liloui, who was being eaten by a slime in the dungeon.

Abandoned by her guardians, she had been on a reckless adventure to survive on her own.

Hajime had lived as a loner all his life, but his parents abandoned him and he couldn’t leave her alone without any relatives, so he somehow ends up living with Lilouie and raising her.

It is a heartwarming manga about a young man and a girl’s adventures in a fantasy world.

It is a heartwarming story that you can enjoy.

I’m standing on a million lives.

Yotsuya Yusuke is a rational, homeroom junior high school student who doesn’t make friends.

He was going about his normal daily routine when he suddenly warps out of the classroom and is transported to another world.

Yotsuya has to complete various quests in another world as a “hero”.

The fellow heroes who were sent away from the classroom like you will also appear on the scene.

In a fantasy world with dragons and goblins, there are a lot of “special” quests.

It is a manga with a “unique” atmosphere that is a little different from the usual adventure manga.

The Lesser Students of Magical High School

Magic High School… it is made up of one class of students with excellent grades and two classes of substitute students, and they were called “Flower Crown” and “Weed” respectively.

Two new siblings, Fukafuyu Shiba and Tatsuya, are the new students who have enrolled there.

While his sister is a perfect honor student, his brother is an inferior student with a “certain defect”.

My sister is a first class student and my brother is a second class student and they have been assigned separately.

The two have feelings for each other and work together to take on the various troubles that occur at the magical high school.

The Wizard’s Wife

Chise Hatori is 15 years old. She was auctioned off to a “magician,” a man without a soul.

When her parents died and she was in the depths of despair and hopelessness, the Stranger told her, “You have become a sorcerer’s apprentice. You have become the sorcerer’s apprentice.

A fantasy story about a girl and a wizard in a different world.

The two get caught up one after another in the various troubles that occur around Chise, and in the abyss of magic.

Unemployed Reincarnation -If I go to another world, I’ll get serious!

A man who was NEET in this world is run over by a truck one day and dies.

But his life didn’t end here, he could start his next life in the Otherworld of Swords and Magic.

This man’s new life begins as a baby.

I mean it in this world.”

Determined to do so, he makes use of his knowledge from his previous life and struggles to train in magic and swordsmanship.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly royal fantasy manga about a man with memories of this world, starting from zero.

I’m Behemoth, an S rank monster, but I’ve been mistaken for a cat and live as a knight (pet) for an elf girl.

An adventurer who used to be a knight falls to the deadly blade of a demon tribe.

When he wakes up, he has been reincarnated into an S rank monster, Behemoth.

But because of its juvenile form, it looks just like a cat.

Then, when he was weak in the dungeon, an adventurer and a beautiful girl elf picked him up and kept him.

He supports her in her adventures while trying not to reveal himself as “Behemoth”.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga in which we can see the combination of the strongest monster that looks like a cat and a cute elf.

The Rise of the Shield Heroes

One day, Shobun, who was just a college student, is suddenly summoned as one of the four “Four Sacred Heroes”.

The weapon he was given is a “shield” and he goes on adventures as a shield hero.

But the shield hero is hated in the other world, and even more so because of a dastardly trap, and he soon loses everything in the other world.

The other heroes who were summoned with him are also excluded from the group.

He will have to fight to save the world from a strange place and a situation where he can’t believe in anything.

It is an otherworldly adventure fantasy manga that uses a shield as its main weapon.

Brünnhilde in the Blackest Black

Murakami Ryota, a high school student who cannot forget his childhood friend who died in an accident when he was a child, enrolls in the astronomy club and searches for aliens in order to fulfill his promise to her.

One day, a beautiful girl named Kurou Neiko, who looks exactly like his childhood friend, transfers to Ryota’s class.

Ryota then discovers that Neko is a “wizard” who can use magic.

From this connection, Ryota’s life is threatened by assassins from the institute along with Neiko.


The Dark Bling, the evil stone that controls the evil part of this world, has been revived.

He is Hal, the boy chosen to be the only user of the Holy Stone Rave who can fight against it.

Together with the mysterious animal Prue, he set off from his native island to the continent in search of the remaining rave.

It is a royal adventure fantasy manga with swords and magic.

Complete in 35 volumes.

(a person of) unparalleled saintliness

A businessman who was shot dead by a bullet in the real world is reborn in another world as Luciel, a “healer” gifted with holy attribute magic.

Healers, as the name implies, have the power to heal others.

In the other world, these healers were making money, and were charging exorbitant amounts of money for their treatments.

Luciel began his training to become a good healer who could fix anyone, but somehow the training he does has become all about physical training.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly fantasy manga that describes the daily adventures of the physical “healer” Luciel.


Aladdin, a mysterious boy who is traveling in search of a metal vessel of Djinn, and Ali Baba, a boy who dreams of becoming a millionaire.

They meet by chance and cooperate with each other for a mutual goal, and try to conquer the mysterious building “Labyrinth (Dungeon)”.

The story of people’s fight for a peaceful world in a world with magic.

The whole place has an Arabian feel to it.

Completed in 37 volumes.

Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad

The Legend of Sinbad…

It is the story of a man who crossed the seven seas, conquered the seven labyrinths, and became the king of a kingdom…

People called him with envy and awe… “The High King of the Seven Seas!

The previous chapter work of the popular comic ” Magi”.

It spins a tale of the adventures of one boy, Sinbad, in a world where magic exists.

planetary avalanche

Amemiya Yuhi was an ordinary college student, but one day, a talking lizard suddenly appears and asks her to help save the “Earth from crisis”.

Before she can refuse, she is given a ring and the ability to become a knight to protect the princess, Asahina Samidare.

What’s more, the princess is actually a demon king who is plotting to conquer the earth.

A large scale action manga about those who plot the destruction of the earth.

It is a bold work in the way of foreshadowing.

Complete in 10 volumes.

wedding ring tale

Satou is a high school boy who is broken up with by his childhood friend Hime.

The one that I followed Hime to was a fantasy world with swords and magic.

There, Satou marries Hime and becomes the legendary hero, the Ring King.

He also bears a destiny to save the world by marrying four princesses other than Hime.

It is a fantasy romantic comedy manga in which Satou, the King of Rings, adventures with princesses.

Redoing the Recovery Surgeon

The heroic Keyal, who possessed the power of “Heal,” was drugged and treated like a slave by the princess and her companions in order to allow anyone to use the power of “Recovery (Heal)” freely.

However, he regains his “drug tolerance” skills and regains his self-discipline.

Keyal went back four years by going “back in time” to “restore” the world.

At that time, it was still before Keyal became a “healing” hero.

Keyal decides to take revenge on the princesses who treated him like a slave.

It is a fantasy manga about a restorative surgeon who gets his life back on track and gets his revenge.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada, a high school student and delinquent, gets his classmate, Urara Shiraishi, involved when he falls down the stairs.

When he loses consciousness and wakes up, Yamada and Shiraishi’s bodies have been switched.

The shocking ability to switch bodies with the other person when you kiss.

Besides that, the “seven witches” with various abilities triggered by their kisses make Yamada’s school life full of troubles.

It is a romance manga in which Yamada takes on this mysterious phenomenon that occurs in her high school.

Completed in 28 volumes.


Yamada Takashi, a high school student lost in the snowy mountains, opens his eyes and finds himself reincarnated in the VRMMO world he is playing.

  Best Fantasy Manga of All Time

While wandering in the forest, he meets a girl named Annette.

She had the ability to communicate with monsters with her mind, something normal humans couldn’t do.

Because of their abilities, they were persecuted by humans and only had a monster companion.

With nowhere to go, Ryuji ends up living together with Annette and her fellow monsters.

He survives in the other world with Annette while using the magic power he obtained when he was reincarnated in the other world.

The hero is dead!

One day, Toka, an ordinary farmer boy, suddenly kills the hero of the world, the heroic hero.

And somehow, he ended up replacing the hero and going on a journey to defeat the demon boss.

A funny manga that contains many gags with undertones.

What is the fate of Toka who became the man who made the brave man die?

A silly adventure fantasy about a villager and beautiful girls that starts in a pit.

Blue Exorcist

A demon god who claims to be his father suddenly appears in front of Okumura Rin, a boy with demon blood, and tries to take him away to the Emptiness Realm where demons live.

Rin rejects the invitation and decides to become an exorcist on the human side and fight against the demons.

This work depicts the summit battle between humans and demons.

It is also a story of Rin’s suffering and friendship, who is not human but fights on the human side.

Bless this wonderful world!

A reclusive boy, Kazuma Sato, dies in an accident.

In the afterlife, the goddess Aqua invites him to reincarnate in another world of swords and magic.

Now, if you go to the other world, you can take with you any of the ridiculous special abilities and divine weapons of your choice.

Kazuma chose to force the goddess who was inviting him to the other world to take him there.

However, this goddess is a “bad goddess” who can’t be called excellent, and she brings in all sorts of trouble.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly fantasy manga with a lot of gag elements about a reclusive boy, a no-good goddess, and her merry companions.

I’ve been reincarnated in another world with the most powerful wand, and I’m forced to turn a girl who doesn’t want to be a magical girl!

Niimi Reiji, an otaku who loves the popular TV anime series ‘Magical Girl Magical Luluna’, was suddenly reborn in another world one day.

However, after being reincarnated in another world, his appearance was a “magic wand”.

He uses his newly acquired powers to turn a girl from another world into a “magical girl”.

He makes the girl who is shy and reluctant to fight fight, and forces her to do so.

In a fantasy world of magic and swords, “magic wands” and “magical girls” play an active role in this manga.

The Strongest Sage of the Disqualified Crest – The world’s strongest sage reincarnated to become even stronger!

A certain wizard felt that his power was limited.

He has been reincarnated into the future to obtain new powers and the most powerful “sigil” for magical combat.

Everything went his way and he got the power he wanted in the future, but in the future, magic has completely faded and wrong knowledge is rampant.

He will use his knowledge of the past to make a name for himself as the most powerful wizard.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly battle fantasy manga about a former “sage” boy who goes on a rampage.

Is it wrong to seek encounters in dungeons?

In the labyrinth city of Orario, there was only one “dungeon” in the world.

In exchange for danger, people’s dreams and desires of wealth, romance, and fame are obtained.

Belle Crannell is one of the new adventurers to take on this dungeon.

In this dungeon, he “meets” various people and grows up.

It is a comic book adaptation of the novel of the same name.

It’s Wrong to Seek Encounters in Dungeons: Gaiden Sword Oratoria

Aisu Valenstein is renowned as the “Sword Princess” and is said to be one of the strongest first-level adventurers in the world.

Today she dives deep into the dungeon with her strong and trustworthy friends.

The girls end up encountering an extraordinary enemy in the dungeon.

The manga is a comic book adaptation of a manga that is an outside work that looks at “Seeking Encounters in the Dungeon is Wrong” from the Eyes side.

You can see a new “Danmachi” that looks similar but is completely different.

Is it Wrong to Seek Encounters in Dungeons Familiar Chronicle

The elf Rue Lyon is a former adventurer who now works for the landlady, Mia, at the tavern “The Harvest Mistress”.

Then she hears of an incident concerning a certain girl that has broken out in the labyrinth city of Orario.

Mia must return to her original adventurer form and head into battle in order to rescue this girl.

This is an outside story of “It’s Wrong to Seek Encounters in Dungeons”, in which the characters of “Danmachi” compete in “Battles” and “Gambling”. You can see the “battle” and “gambling” between the characters of “Danmachi”.

A second life in another world.

After dying at the end of his life, Renya was reincarnated into another world, as requested by God.

Renya was a “master swordsman” in a previous life.

He uses this sword skill to cut up bandits and demons.

You’ll be partying with the first two beautiful girls you meet as you go on your adventures.

Will Renya be able to enjoy her second life?

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly adventure fantasy manga by a master of swords.

I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to swing extremely defensively.

Invited by a friend, Kaede started a VRMMO game as Maple.

She had little knowledge of the game and other things, and she had all of her status points assigned to defense (VIT).

This results in the strongest defensive players.

She has gained a variety of skills and has grown more and more rapidly, and she will gradually make a name for herself in the game.

It is a manga that describes the adventures of a player who is “the strongest only in defense”.

Good night at the Mad King’s castle.

A world where humans and demons are at each other’s throats.

The Demon King has kidnapped a human princess and imprisoned her in his castle.

The people were outraged, and the hero, the representative of the humans, traveled to the Demon King’s castle.

The princess is sad because she lost her freedom in a cage. …… The first thing you need to do is to find a good way to get the best out of your car.

The princess was beginning to move around the Demon King’s castle in search of a good night’s sleep.

It is a sleep fantasy comedy manga about a princess and demons, in which a captive princess moves around the Demon King’s castle as she pleases and plays tricks on the Demon Lords in order to find a way to get a good night’s sleep.

Reincarnation as a Werewolf, the Demon Lord’s Second-in-Command – Chapter of the Beginning

Weid is a “werewolf”, the third division and deputy division commander of the Demon King’s Army, who can transform into both human and wolf form.

As deputy division commander of the Demon King’s army, he leads the demon tribe to invade the human city.

He fights with sharp fangs, claws, and even magical powers.

Weidt survives in various “battles,” including battles with humans and internal wars between demon clans.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly fantasy manga about a man who has been reincarnated as a werewolf and his life as a “demon tribe”.

The demon has entered! Iruma-kun.

The human Iruma-kun was an unfortunate boy who was raised by unbelievable parents.

Iruma-kun is finally sold to the devil for his parents’ personal greed.

He is doted upon by the devil, who has no grandchildren, thinking he will be treated badly by the devil, and he ends up attending the devil’s school.

He hides his human identity while living a slapstick school life with his unique demon classmates.

This is a comedy manga about the human Iruma-kun’s slapstick days at the demon school.

Magical Girl of the End

A first year high school student, Kogami Takai, was getting up in the morning as usual, going to school, and attending her classes.

The daily life that he lives somehow is drastically changed by a girl who appears on the school ground.

She’s a magical girl.

With a shout of “Magical~”, he slaughters people by wielding a magic stick.

Who the hell is she? What is her purpose in killing people?

Just everyday life has been transformed into a life of survival, where it’s life or death.

It is a horror manga in which a number of “magical girls” appear in terrible forms.


Guts is a swordsman with a huge sword on his back and iron prosthetic hands.

Wherever he goes, blood rains and bodies pile up…

Why did he have to spend his days fighting? And who was his opponent?

A masterpiece of dark fantasy manga on an epic scale.

Guts’ sad fate is heartbreaking.

The most powerful man in the world in a common job.

Hajime Nagumo is suddenly summoned to another world with his classmates.

While some of his classmates had special jobs that gave them cheat-like powers, Hajime had a normal job as an “alchemist”.

While they are training in the labyrinth, Hajime is left alone in the depths of the labyrinth by a powerful monster.

In order to survive, Hajime made the choice to eat the monster.

This choice gives Hajime one of the strongest powers in the world.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly manga that goes through numerous labyrinths.

Skill Taker of Otherworldly Domination: Starting from Zero Slave Harem

High school student Yuto Konoe is suddenly summoned to a fantasy otherworld where slaves are bought and sold.

Konoe has two weapons: the cheat skill “Ability Looter (Skill Taker)” and the “Martial Arts Technique” trained in this world.

He uses this power to quickly defeat those who summoned him.

Konoe’s goal in the other world is to create a harem of 100 beautiful girls.

One by one, you’ll be adding to your harem members and adventuring through a different world.

Mucho and Rosie’s Demon Law Office

There are demon law enforcers who have the ability to sentence spirits who have committed crimes, such as hurting people in this world, and send them to the afterlife.

There were two such duo, Rokuho Toru, a magical law enforcer, and Jiro Kusano, his assistant.

Today, people who are troubled by spirits visit them one after another.

It is a work in which we see a battle between evil spirits who have done wrong and those who judge them.

Complete in 18 volumes.

I opened an orphanage in another world, but for some reason no one wants to leave the nest.

High school student Masatsugu is suddenly summoned to the Kingdom of Warmuz.

However, when Masatsugu’s evaluation reveals that he has no great ability, he is assigned the task of managing a rundown orphanage.

He will raise the girls from other worlds, including Lusia, a beast girl he met here, as well as elves and other girls.

In this life, Masatsugu’s hidden “cheat ability” will bloom.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga about running an orphanage.

Death March kara hajimari isekai rhapsody

Satu, a game programmer, is in the middle of a death march.

However, without any suddenness, he is suddenly transported to another world.

This other world was just like the world of the game I was making.

You can use skills and screens like in the game, and use this power to travel through different worlds.

Travel around the world, making friends with beautiful girls of various races.

It is a manga that you can enjoy a great adventure in a royal otherworldly fantasy world that started with a “death march”.


High school student Mizushino Sota is suddenly transported into the world of anime.

And just when I thought I was back in the real world, I was summoned back to this world by an anime character, Celesia Iupitillia.

She and other characters from popular anime and games end up appearing in this world one after another.

These women, different creations, will cause a great commotion that will shake the very existence of this world.

It is a battle fantasy manga in which characters from a two-dimensional world battle it out.

Skeleton Knight, you’re on your way to another world now!

When the man woke up, he was thrown into another world in the form of his own character from MMORPG, which he had been playing just before he fell asleep.

Moreover, he is a “skeleton knight,” and if his true identity is discovered, he could be killed as a monster.

He hides himself, but also finds a way to become human again.

Along the way, as the “Skeleton Knight Arc”, you will use your cheat abilities to help fix the world and defeat evil.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga by a man who has been reincarnated as a skeleton knight.

Demon Lord, retry!

Akira Ohno has been sent to another world as the “Demon King”, the strongest character in the game he runs.

He will be wandering around the other world as a demon king with the strongest power.

Together with Aku, a girl who was sacrificed to a demon, he lives his life while fighting off the saints and knights who come towards him to defeat the Demon King.

It is an otherworldly reincarnation manga that depicts an ordinary person on the inside and the strongest demon king on the outside.

Moonlight Regulations

One moonlit blue night.

Princess Hachikazuki, the inhabitant of a fairy tale, suddenly appears out of a book in front of the boy Gekko’s eyes.

She is an emissary who has come in search of someone to enforce the “Moonlight Ordinance” in order to restore the “fairy tale” world that has been twisted by the mysterious moonlight.

By chance, Gekko is given the “seal of approval” for the ordinance and becomes its enforcer, and his days of epic battles begin.

Complete in 29 volumes.

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The young people are seriously moving away from black magic, but when I found a job, I was treated well, and the boss and the messenger are cute and great!

Franz, who kept failing to find a job in the other world, was encouraged by his matron to jump into the black magic industry, which is rumored to have all the 3Ks: “gross, kitanai, and kiken”.

The reality, however, was that it was a superb white company with the best treatment and work environment.

Franz will have a good time in this white company, in a situation surrounded by kind bosses and cute messengers.

It is a work fantasy manga set in a white company that uses black magic.


Yggdrasil”, an online game that caused a huge boom, was supposed to quietly end its service.

One young man who was a player of this game spent his last moments nostalgically.

However, the game didn’t end anytime soon, on the contrary, the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) started to move with a will.

The young man spends his time in another world as “Momonga,” a great wizard with the body of a skeleton, a character he created and raised.

Overlord” is a reincarnation-based otherworldly adventure fantasy manga.

The hidden dungeon that only I can enter – secretly train to become the strongest in the world!

Nol, the third son of the Stalgia family, the lowest of the aristocracy, was able to find a hidden dungeon through his rare skills.

He aims to become the strongest through the power to “create, grant, and edit skills” that he has acquired here.

However, in order to use this skill, you need to satisfy your “appetite”, “appetite”, and “sex drive”.

He uses his “skills” to fight, while his childhood friend Emma, a beautiful girl, helps him satisfy his “greed”.

It is a fantasy manga in which “desire” and “skill” are the keywords.

Slave Princess

The king has been transformed into a puppet by a mysterious magician who suddenly appears.

By order of the mad king, his daughter, the princess, is threatened with death.

To escape her pursuers, the princess takes a surprising measure: she becomes the slave of a kind boy named Rezo.

He becomes a slave and disappears, and takes a chance to take back his country.

It is a story about a boy “master” and a “princess slave” fighting to take back their country.

Dragon Quest Legend: The Emblem of Lot

The fear of the Great Demon King has been extinguished by the heroes, and peace has returned to the world for 100 years.

But the evil hand is vigilantly waiting for a chance to invade the world.

The main character, Ars, is born as a prince of the Kingdom of Kamen in such a world.

As the blood of Lot, the once valiant hero, he will gather his friends and fight against the demon men.

The familiar demons from Dragon Quest also make an appearance.

Completed in 15 volumes.

The Demon King and I in Rebellion

Shiromine Ryo, who is described as an honor student or a problem child, is suddenly transported to another world.

He was asked to become a “blade” that kills other races as a conformist of the “divine sword”, the strongest power in the other world.

However, what he sees is a peaceful people of a different race and the ningen who oppress them.

When Shiramine realizes the truth, he joins the side of the different races and joins forces with the Demon King to fight the Ningen using the “Divine Sword”.

It is an otherworldly battle fantasy manga in which the strongest ‘swords’ and ‘magic’ are used to fight.

The instant death cheat is so powerful that the guys in the other world are like no match for him. -ΑΩ-

The second year high school students Takato Yagiri, Dannoura Chichika and the rest of their class are on a school trip when their entire bus is transported to another world.

They were brought to another world as “sage candidates”.

The two are quickly abandoned by their classmates because of their lack of “ability”.

However, Takato has a hidden “evil” power that can kill anything instantly.

He will use this power to travel around the other world while protecting Dannoura.

It is a manga about the reincarnation into another world by the strongest and worst cheat abilities.

The old man is going.

Asao Harutaro (73 years old) was reincarnated into another world by mistake.

Grandpa wishes to live a carefree life in another world.

He started a second life in the world of magic and swords, keeping his appearance intact.

He uses the “wisdom” he acquired in the past and the “magic” he newly learned to solve a lot of troubles.

It is a reincarnation-based otherworldly adventure fantasy manga with an old man as the main character.

Trinity Seven: The Seven Grimoires

Kasuga Arata’s daily life has disappeared into another world due to a disintegration phenomenon.

Arata enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy, a world where magic is commonplace, in order to unravel the phenomenon of collapse.

But what awaited him there were seven beautiful young mages who wanted to kill him.

A tale of a demon king and seven mages at a magic academy.

The work is a mixture of romantic comedy and serious development.

Class D formation Exelos

The Kisei Mushi, an invading race that regulates and takes eroticism and plans the gradual extinction of the human race.

The five “most erotic!” high school students are the ones who stand up to this fearsome monster. Five high school students were the ones to face such a fearsome monster.

A high school boy, RYOTO, and four beautiful girls do “H” things to save their energy and fight against their enemies.

romantic comedy manga that combines “eroticism” and “battles” in a story that you can enjoy.

Granblue Fantasy

In a world with swordsmen, demons, and magic, Gran, a boy who yearns for the “sky”, dreams of one day setting off on a journey, and trains himself day by day.

He lives a peaceful life in his village, but his life changes forever when a girl suddenly appears with an imperial ship and a star-crystal beast.

In order to protect her, he is forced to travel to the “end of the sky”.

This is a comic adaptation of popular smartphone game app ‘Gramble Fantasy’ and is a royal battle fantasy manga.

The Case of My House Being a Magic Spot – The World’s Strongest Just by Living There

One day, a young man named Daichi finds himself transported from his home to another world.

His house is located on a powerful “magic spot” and he is summoned to another world by those who seek it.

However, he is easily defeated by Daichi’s powerful magic.

He will continue to live his life from this point onwards, fighting off the inhabitants of the other world who are after his house and land, while striving to make his home comfortable and peaceful.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga by a young man with the strongest ‘house’ and ‘magic power’.


In a land of the demon world, the Demon King was defeated by a brave warrior.

In the demon world, a heated battle is about to unfold for the title of the new Demon King.

In the midst of all the residents of the demon world who are proud of their skills, there was one of the human heroes who didn’t expect to be there.

He was trying to become the Demon King even though he was a brave man.

What is his purpose? This is the story of the great adventure of the human heroes and the inhabitants of the demon world.

A Certain Magical Index

Kamijou Touma lives in “Academy City”, which trains people with super powers.

On the balcony of his dormitory room, a pure white Sister “Index” fell down.

After meeting her, Toma discovers that “magic” also exists in a world with supernatural powers.

He ends up getting caught up in a battle between “psychic” and “magic” users.

This is a work that allows you to enjoy a story set in a world where science and magic intersect.

Toaru Majutsu no Index Gaiden Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

It is an outside work of “To Aru Majutsu no Index”.

Misaka Mikoto is a junior high school girl who lives in “Academy City”, a town that aims to develop super powers.

He is one of only seven Level 5 psychics in the school city, and is a user of the ‘Railgun’.

Because she is one of the strongest class of abilities, she gets involved in various incidents that happen in the school city.

It is a sci-fi battle manga featuring a “supernatural power user who uses electric shocks”.

Toaru Majutsu no Index Gaiden: One Way in A Certain Scientific Path

It is an outside work of “To Aru Majutsu no Index”.

The main character, One Way (Accelerator), is the strongest psychic in the “school city” and can control vectors.

He has gotten into all kinds of trouble in the past because of his overly strong abilities.

He was once an enemy of Kamijou Touma, the main character of To Aru Majutsu no Index.

And then, the great darkness that can be called the dark side of the “school city” attacks the “one-way street”.

It is a sci-fi battle manga that shows the worst ability and dark heroes fighting in the “school city”.

How to start the Demon King

After a life-long research, Oulu obtains enough power to become the “Demon King”.

The first thing he did with this power was to summon the succubus Lil.

With her help, Oulu will build a vicious dungeon that will trap the humans.

While increasing the number of demons and human friends, he takes on the challenge of conquering the world as the Demon King.

It is a dark fantasy manga in which the main character is a “Demon King” who starts from scratch as a human.

A book lover’s downfall – I can’t choose the means to become a librarian…

A college girl, who has loved books since she was a child, is involved in an accident and is reborn in a strange world.

She becomes the child of a poor soldier’s family as Mine, a sickly five-year-old girl.

However, the literacy rate of people in the world is low and books are almost non-existent.

Mine is troubled by the fact that books are expensive and unavailable, no matter how much she wants to read them, so she decides to make her own books.

It is an otherworldly fantasy manga about Mine, who loves books and struggles to read them.


The brave warrior Shibuki, who defeated the Demon King, has become undead due to the Demon King’s curse.

In the midst of his heartbreak when he can no longer even touch his beloved Saintess Saffi, it is revealed that the Demon King, whom he was supposed to have defeated, is still alive.

Shibuki and his friends set out on their second journey to find the Demon King for the sake of world peace and to break the curse and touch Saffi again.

It is a fantasy manga that describes the lovey-dovey adventures of the brave warrior Shibuki and the holy girl Saffi.

The Grimoire of Brilliance

Wakaba, an ordinary junior high school student, inherits a strangely shaped pen and a huge Western-style house from her great-grandmother.

It was a “magical beast of the book” that called itself “Akazukin” that was imprisoned in that Western-style house.

Wakaba inherits the power of the “Mage of the Book” and gets involved in the battle of the witches together with “Akazukin”.

It is a dark fantasy manga about girls’ fierce battles.

Let’s go! The evil organization Dark Dream!

Kokose is a high school girl-type monster who joins the evil organization Dark Dream.

Under the strict but warm guidance of the senior monsters, he struggles to defeat the righteous shape-shifting heroine Paricure.

Cocose will confront the heroine of justice while developing his own talents as a monster.

It is a sexy dark fantasy manga about a fierce battle between righteous heroines and an evil organization.


A slightly dim-witted elementary school student, Honmaru Edojo is an ordinary boy who also likes a girl.

A magic spell he casts by accident summons Tarurut, the wimpy wizard.

Tarut said that he would grant anything and everything, one wish of the Honmaru.

He asks to be friends with Talulut.

Thus, the two become friends and create a fuss today with the magic of Taruruto.

Completed in 21 volumes.


Konoe Touta is an energetic boy who lives in the village.

He dreamed of leaving his village and going to the capital.

The condition for him to come to Tokyo is to defeat Princess Yuki.

She is a foster parent, an excellent magic user, and a relentless strength, and today she is working with her friends to defeat Princess Snow, who has a relentless strength.

However, a hidden secret between Yukihime and Touta has begun to disrupt their peaceful everyday life.

It is a battle fantasy manga that allows us to see the trials and battles of Touta.

Boku no Watashi no Yusha Gakushu

The heroic Kouno Sword appears at the private Holy Lance Academy.

He appeared in front of the classroom and was assigned to this school as a teacher.

The subject he is in charge of is “Brave Studies”.

When Kouuno becomes the homeroom teacher, the class is swept up in this mysterious lesson of his.

A gag manga in which a teacher who calls himself a brave man teaches a class of “Yusha Gaku” to his students.

His lessons began to make all of his students into great heroes in the raging times.

Complete in six volumes.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Ilya is a normal girl, living a normal life.

When the magic stick fell from the sky, Ilya’s peaceful days flew far away.

Ilya will fight against powerful enemies as a magical girl.

Another magical story spun by the characters of ‘Fate/stay night’.

Whether you know the contents of ‘Fate/stay night’ or not, you can enjoy this anime.

In the end

I’ve introduced some interesting “magic manga” that I recommend.

There are characters who can use magic, and there are many different kinds of magic.

The works listed in this article are all interesting, regardless of whether they are serialized or completed manga.

If you find a manga that interests you, by all means pick it up.