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Spoil chap 875

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Message par Kizaru-chan Mer 16 Aoû - 12:31

One Piece 875: A woman’s honor.
Chopper and Brook are heading towards the Sunny.
Choppers sees that a fishman is doing something.
[Forest:] Luffy and the rest are still running away from Big Mom.
As Big Mom is close to her, the Vivre card has no effect anymore.
Nami continues to produce the thundercloud.
Big Mom calls back Zeus but he’s still distraced by the thundercloud.
Nami uses her ability and creates a weather egg and seduces Zeus.
Prometheus tries to get Zeus back.
Luffy attacks with a Jet Gatling to avenge King Baum.
But it doesn’t impact Prometheus.
Jinbei then attacks Prometheus and this time it works.
According to Jinbei, Prometheus is an incarnation of flame, so it’s basically like a big fire talking to them.
Zeus gets hooked by the weather egg.
Zeus is in great joy because of how delicious it is.
And because he ate the weather egg, he became even bigger.
Nami activates the weather egg that’s inside Zeus.
A huge thunder hits Big Mom.
Chopper and Brook arrive at the Sunny but Perospero and co await them.
Chopper and Brook get ready to fight to get back the Sunny.
Meanwhile, Pudding and chiffon flying above the forest to find Sanji.
Chiffon says that she wants to return the favors to the ones that helped out Lola and show her honor.
Pudding finds Sanji.
Pudding: “Big sister, he’s there! Sa…Sa…Sanji san (heart eyes)” But she turns to her evil face: “That guy Sanji is there!”
Chiffon: Wait what?!

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