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Spoil chap 876

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Spoil chap 876 Empty Spoil chap 876

Message par Kizaru-chan Mer 23 Aoû - 19:46

Salut la compagnie !! Voici le spoil du chap de cette semaine^^

Where Zeus' lightning fell, there is a big hole in the ground.
BM comes out of the hole in search of cake and continues pursuing the Straw Hats.
Pudding and Chiffon appear before Luffy's group.
Sanji: Pudding you're ok! Good thing you're not hurt cutie!
Pudding's eyes turn to hearts.
Chiffon: Pudding get ahold of yourself! We don't have time for this!
Evil Pudding: You guys can't be saved! Escaping by ship is pointless! Mama will hunt you to the ends of the ocean and sink you mwahaha!
Luffy: What did she say..!?
Chiffon: No that's not it, what are you saying Pudding?
Good Pudding: No no! What am I saying!?
Chiffon: Mama thinks you guys stole her cake! She'll pursue you to the ends of the sea!
Evil Pudding: That's right so get over here Sanji! Watch Mama slaughter your nakama and taste the hell of this world! Ahaha!
Chiffon: No what are you saying!?
Good Pudding: No! Fade away!
Chiffon: Black Leg Sanji, Pudding says you're good at making sweets.
Sanji: Yeah my cooking is first class in everything.
Chiffon: Ok help us make the cake!
Evil Pud: Hmph! So this was the result. I'm different! This is not for your sakes. I didn't come because I didn't want you guys to die ok Sanji!
Good Pud: -san (heart)
Sanji leaves with Pudding to make the cake, Luffy's group heads for the Sunny
Sanji sees the Sunny from above where Brook and Chopper are fighting. Other than the executives and Katakuri the fodder have been taken out. Reinforcements are coming from the mirror in Nami's room.
Sanji decides to leave the situation to them and focus on the cake.
Sanji: Let's make it! A cake that'll leave Big Mom stunned!

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Spoil chap 876 Empty Re: Spoil chap 876

Message par TommyGun Mer 23 Aoû - 22:58

Merci pour le spoil, prévisible Sanji pour faire le gâteau ... Shokugeki no sanji ^^
Du coup gros combat pour laisser le temps à Sanji and co de faire le gâteau, ça je pense que sa va être cool et comme je le pense depuis un moment Katakuri sera le boss de cet arc...
Gardien Vongola
Gardien Vongola

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