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Spoil Chap 891

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Spoil Chap 891 Empty Spoil Chap 891

Message par Papagaio Mer 10 Jan - 18:51

Bonsoir à tous, j'ai vu passer ça sur reddit et ça m'a l'air assez plausible, pi désolé mais pause la semaine prochaine apparemment...

''Quick Summary
Mirror World: Luffy and Katakuri’s battle is still ongoing.
And someone is watching their battle. It's the 33rd daughter Charlotte Furenpe, 15 years old. She’s also the chairman of Katakuri’s fan club. She says that she will be the king of all sisters. She instructs her subordinates to attack Luffy but their attacks don’t connect.
Furenpe: “I don’t want to see my big brother struggling against an opponent like that. If my big brother isn’t perfect all the time, then I will be disappointed!”
Subordinate: It’s not like he’s struggling, but the opponent is just too stubborn.
Luffy stands up each time Katakuri beats him down.
Katakuri: This is how it feels like when all your attacks are foreseen.
Luffy calms down and remembers Rayleigh’s words.
Luffy nullifies Katakuri’s attack by hitting back exactly at the same as Katakuri attacks.
Although Luffy does it with low probability, Katakuri is shocked that Luffy was able to see the exact same future as him.
Scene changes:
They finally finish the cake but Pudding mocks Sanji that it’s too late anyway.
Sanji: No matter what happens, I have to go there. Creating the perfect and cake and stopping Big Mom is what…
Mirror world: Luffy: After defeating you, I have to come out from the mirror since this is what…
Luffy&Sanji: They’re trusting me to do!
Although they’re getting overwhelmed by Big mom, they still manage to hold her off. And at that moment, a ship that leaks the smell of a cake appears.
Thanks to Bakadata !''

Break next week.

Summary posted by ScotchImformer from OroJackson. and Bakadata translated this summary.

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Spoil Chap 891 Empty Re: Spoil Chap 891

Message par Kizaru-chan Jeu 11 Jan - 12:06

Merci !

Ces pauses sont chiantes mais au moins ça permet à Oda de se reposer et faire des recherches pour ses chap ^^

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