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Spoil chap 898

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Spoil chap 898  Empty Spoil chap 898

Message par Kizaru-chan Jeu 15 Mar - 9:48

Title: We'll Definitely Return

Cover: The New Giant Warrior Pirates Navigator, Road (first mentioned in Chapter 866 along with Goldberg)
The Big Mom pirates shoot at the Vinsmokes. The Vinsmokes tell Sanji to take Luffy away from the island. Oven confronts the vinsmokes. Over on Mont-D'ors side, he and Tamago are freaking out. It seems the Vinsmokes took out Nusstorte. Back near the Sunny, Daifuku has arrived on Smoothie's ship. The straw hats receive a call on their den den mushi. The sunny is told to move to a different location. On Cacao, big mom pirate forces are being taken out easily. Sanji is running with Luffy in hand, and Brulee is shown freaking out over the chaos taking place. Germa helps Sanji get off the island. Ichiji attacks Oven. Niji chastises Sanji saying at his speed he's going to get blown full of holes. He then chucks Sanji out towards the Sunny.

No break next week.

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Spoil chap 898  Empty Re: Spoil chap 898

Message par Papagaio Jeu 15 Mar - 17:14

Full Summary by /u/YonkouProductions

Title: We’ll definitely return

The Big Mom pirates shoot at Germa and are surprised that their bullets aren’t working. Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju covers for Sanji as he escapes. Oven asks how Germa survived. Oven heard that Nusstorte and his army had overtaken Germa already. Ichiji proclaims that they've been thrown into the sea

Tamago exclaims that unbelievable things keep happening and wonders why the report of Germa being defeated was false

Smoothie tells her fleet to not be distracted and to focus on straw hat’s ship only. daifuku says that Mont D’or got outsmarted, to which smoothie replies “you did too”

Nami wonders whether Germa’s arrival is a good or bad thing. Sanji tells Jinbe via the transponder snail to pass through the port at full speed and that they will return in the meantime.

Brulee says that Luffy must not get away and reveals to everyone that Katakuri got defeated by Luffy. Everyone is in disbelief. Oven says ” your undefeated legend was…broken by a kid!!?” the soldiers conclude that Luffy must've used something underhanded a rage-filled oven goes to attack Sanji and Luffy. Ichiji appears and punches through oven using “sparking valkyrie”

Yuen tries to hit Sanji into the ground but is stopped by Yonji, who uses “winch execution/beheading”

Sanji is too slow and is hit by a bullet. Niji comes in to protect Sanji and defeats all the snipers using “Henry Blazer”

Sanji and Luffy get out from the town. Snack, Brownie, and Joconde is commanded to shoot Luffy down but they don't hear it in all the chaos. some soldiers prepare tear gas but Reiju appears and defeats them using “pink hornet”

Carrot spots Sanji coming over and Sanji spots the sunny as well. “ I can see it now, Luffy!!” “it’s the Sunny!!!”

End: no break next week

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