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Spoil chap 927

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Spoil chap 927 Empty Spoil chap 927

Message par Papagaio Jeu 6 Déc - 9:20

Chapter 927: Toko the Maid

Cover page: Garp fights with a bear over salmon

Frannosuke, Uso Hachi, and O-Robi are gathering at Sangoro's soba stand. They are eating noodles and chatting.
Three henchmen of Kyoshiro's appear. They extort for money and shake down the soba stand.
What's the consequence of wasting food?
Apparently Sangoro and Furanosuke gave those hooligans a lesson.

Sanji fills a bowl with noodles and gives it to a little girl with big eyes to eat.
The girl is Toko. She is the oiran's personal maid.
The most beautiful oiran of Wano Kuni - Komurasaki will appear on stage soon.
Rumor says that her amazing beauty is the ultimate version of every woman's fantasy.

Sangorou, Uso Hachi and Frannosuke immediately expressed their attention to her.
Also O-Robi said that she would meet with Orochi the Shogun very soon.
Kyoshiro heard that his henchmen had been beaten up, but he was at Orochi's banquet and it was inconvenient/improper for him to leave, so he entrusted Queen to send assassin(s) to take care of it.

And Orochi the Shogun plans to make Komurasaki fall for him at the banquet tonight.

Orochi appears to be a dragon (eastern) but there's only his shadow/silhouette in this chapter



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