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Spoil chap 933

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Spoil chap 933 Empty Spoil chap 933

Message par Kizaru-chan Jeu 14 Fév - 11:11

Hello ! I'm back ! :p

Cover page enel flying above a city inside the clouds with two frogs using bubbles
The Ninja's are chasing Robin and Brook steps in with his creepy face.
- Otoko still laughing but she got unconscious as she sees Brook's face
- Robin is resisting a couple of ninja's and throw them away
- A Ninja suprises Nami and shinobu uses her technique and fell on the shougn's head
- Kysheiro hit Komurasaki on her chest with her sword, a lot of blood splattered (Can't confirm she's dead but that's the last I saw of her in the chapter)
- The shogun, Nami, Brook, And shinobu are shook
- The shogun cries and continues chasing Robin and Otoko
- When the shogun started chasing them nami stepped in and pulled Zeus out
- Nami launches a Zeu's attack, he turned into a black cloud and shocked the castle
- the last page BM is agreeing with chopper and the others with a thumbs up.
- Nami's attack was specifically directed at the shogun
No break.

Ah, j'ai oublié : le shogun mange quelque uns de ses subordonnés…

Edit :

Source: ishuhui
Title:Saimurai’s mercy
Cover: Enel blowing bubble gum with frog(s)
Orochi is the user of the mythical zoan snake-snake fruit, it seems that each of his eight heads have their own ideas and nature.
Orochi demand an apology from Komurasaki, but she refuse. Orochi is furious, but he still love Komurasaki for her beauty, so he let out his anger on his subordinates near him by biting them, the whole banquet is a mess.
However, he eventually reach Komurasaki and held her inside his mouth.
One of Oniwabanshu saw Robin and realized she’s the intruder, then summons Raijin(?) and Fujin(?) to seize her.*
That’s when Brook shows up.
Otoko and the ninjas were scared as hell when they saw this great skeleton demon.
Shinobu and Nami were about to join in the rescue, but they realize there’s someone hiding behind them, Hanzou the ninja.
Hanzou saw Shinobu and remembers when she was such a beauty that could even rival Nami, but you look at her now.... Hanzou:sorry, I have mistaken you for someone I knew Shinobu was so angry she attack his balls.
She then use ninjutsu to rotten the ceiling, which fall heavily on Orochi’s head(s) and forced him to spit Komurasaki out. Kyoshiro then appeared with his blade and ask Komurasaki if she’s prepared, and when she said yes,
Kyoshiro waved his blade and down goes the most beautiful woman in Wano.
Kyoshiro realize that Komurasaki had Kinemon’s drawing held in her hand.
Orochi was heartbroken, he ask Kyoshiro for his reasons Kyoshiro: this is my mercy as a saimurai toward Komurasaki Orochi let out his anger on Otoko and was going to swallow her along with Robin.
Nami appears and summon thunder with Zeus.
—In Okobore Town, Tsuru offer Big Mom and foods, who seem to have returned to the naive state she was when she’s a child.
Big Mom: “Udon”? Is there a lot of sweet red bean soup? Then let’s go now! Only 9 days till the final battle
*original term in Chinese was lighting blade and wind blade, since blade can also be pronounced as jin in Japanese, I believe it’s a pun by Oda on the thunder god(raijin) and wind god(fujin), that’s why I translate it as so. Not 100% sure tho

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