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Spoil chap 937

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Spoil chap 937 Empty Spoil chap 937

Message par Papagaio Mer 20 Mar - 9:38

Chapter 937

The color spread consists of the strawhats and many features of pirate such as parrots and monkey.

In the death game that’s going on in the mine, Luffy once again remember Rayleigh’s teaching, his Haki using skills will improve.

The saimurai that stole Shusui said it’s a black blade, that seem to remind Zoro of something.

Suddenly, a voice calling for help, it comes from Otoko and a geisha who’s protecting her.

It’s the man slayer Kamazo, he’s an assassin send by Orochi to go after Otoko.

Against a enemy like this, Zoro use inferno oni-giri


Source: Oro Jackson

WSJ Cover

Color spread

Images from the chapter

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