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Spoil chap 938

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Spoil chap 938 Empty Spoil chap 938

Message par Papagaio Jeu 28 Mar - 8:37

Cover Request : Crocodile is chilling with a cigeratte in his mouth playing with 6 birds , it looks like he's building a nest from them using sand from his DF

Short chapter, only 13 pages, last 4 pages all about Zoro

- Gyukimaru leaves Oihagi Bridge while Zoro faints : After Gyukimaru escaped, Zoro was trembling, Oda didn't drew him trwmbling but the panel was Zoro Point of view as he sees Gyukimaru running and the panel gets darker and darker as he's fainting untill eventually its all black *faints*

- Inuarashi talks with Kinemon about tattoos.

- In Flower Capital, Kyoshiro talks about tattoos too.

- Sanji has been beaten by Nami.

- X Drake and Hawkins arrested more people.

- Law and shinobu argue each other and Kanjuro stops them.

- Tonoyasu shows the samurai card.

- Zoro and the two Girls are in a cottage in a snowy place at north. Apparently Zoro has been treated and we get more info about the people he fought.

- The girl with Toko heals Zoro wounds.

- It seems the girl Zoro saved, falls in love with Zoro.

- It is confirmed that Zoro have beaten Kamazou.

- Last page is about the girl who is named "Hiyori" and she is looking for her brother "Kozuki Momonosuke".

Break next week

Source: Oro Jackson

Sanji gets low diffed by Nami

Kin'emon et Inuarashi


Last page

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Spoil chap 938 Empty Re: Spoil chap 938

Message par Kizaru-chan Jeu 28 Mar - 10:35

Hello ! Merci =)

Trad des 3 pages

Page 1
Nami: You're the one I cannot trust the most!

Page 2
Hiyori: I'm trying to find my older brother who we have parted ways with 20 years ago. He might be in Wano right now. His name is Kozuki Momonosuke. My name is Hiyori!

Page 3
Kyoshiro: It seems as though tomorrow's funeral will get rather crowded.
Underling: There are many who hate Boss Kyoshiro now, so be careful.
Kyoshiro: I didn't have any other options. I'm the one who's suffering the most. Orochi sama is irritated. The thing that caused it all is this...

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