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Spoil chap 939

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Spoil chap 939 Empty Spoil chap 939

Message par Papagaio Jeu 11 Avr - 8:28

Chapter 939: Old Hyo doesn’t forget the way

Cover: Jinbei

The chapter splits in two parts: one is about Zoro, Komurasaki and a flashback, the other is about Luffy and Hyo fight.

Bepo and the others suffering critical injuries

Zoro reveals his identity, and Hiyori feel relieve as he’s as expected an allie of her older brother. Otoko is one of the few close friends who knew this secret.

The reason that Hiyori doesn’t get sent to the future is because in case she didn’t get to meet up with Momonosuke, the Kouzuki clan won’t died off.

The allies that Zoro doesn’t know of—Kawamatsu, Denjiro, Ashuradoji—Hiyori doesn’t know where they are as well.

Kawamatsu is still foreshadowed but we can see a part of his hat andhis hat's pattern. (hopefully more detail in that later)
It seems like Kawamatsu was the one protecting, taking care of Hiyori before he was captured by the Beast Pirates.

Luffy and Hyo are fighting against Madilloman, user of the armadillo smile. Luffy looks like he’s not attacking, but he’s actually trying to use the technique that Rayleigh and Sentomaru used, that can blow the enemies away without touching them, he thinks with this he might even be able to crack Kaido’s scales.

Hyo, who realize what technique Luffy was trying to learn, demonstrate that technique and defeat Madilloman with it.
In the last page Hyo finishes Alpacaman with a massive hit

Source: Oro Jackson

Images: Cover/Flashback/Madilloman/Bepo and others/Last page

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