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Spoil chap 941 - Les infos complètes

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Spoil chap 941 - Les infos complètes Empty Spoil chap 941 - Les infos complètes

Message par Papagaio Mer 24 Avr - 9:48

Jump Cover: Luffy is wearing an armor knight, a sword and a shield with Mugiwara's jolly roger engraved.

Chapter Title: The Celebrity of Ebisu Town

Cover page: Straw hats asking for a ride on the side of the road in the desert

Flower Capital—Orochi’s subordinates were going to report to him about the arresting of the Witching Hour Boy.Orochi was still affected by Komurasaki’s death and shouts at them telling them that he doesn’t care.But they still told him anyway, Orochi was shocked to hear that he’s still alive. After talking to Kyoshiro, he decided that the witching hour boy will be executed on the day of Komurasaki’s funeral.

Udon: Prisoner Mine—Kaido told Queen that Komurasaki is dead through a denden mushi, Queen starts crying. Luffy and Hyo step into the ring and wait for today’s matches to begin. Luffy is now like a ball because he secretly ate too much oshiruko last night.

Kuri: Head Mountain—Is on fire.

Bakuro Town—Holdem tell his subordinates to show how pathetic Shutenmaru the bandit is through denden mushi.

Ringo: Northern Graveyard—Brook wonders into Zoro’s room and saw Komurasaki laying on Zoro’s chest.Zoro tell him that she’s Hiyori, Brook is shock. Brook then tells them that a lot of big things happened lately; the oiran was killed, the Witching Hour Boy was captured. The Witching Hour Boy is actually Yasu, Otoko’s father. Otoko and Komurasaki rushes out to save him, Zoro follows.

Flower Capital—A lot of people gathers. Nami and Shinobu are also there, they were suprised to learn that Yasu’s the Witching Hour Boy. Yasu was one of the Daimyo who served the Kouzuki Clan, known as“Daimyo of Hakumai”, and he helds high dignity.Yasu: There’re two things that I need to apologize to everyone. Otoko runs to the location of execution.Yasu: After that, I can smile as I pass on to the other world.

More Info:
- Chapter only has 15 pages.
- According to redon, Sanji and Usopp are also in the area (the same place where Zoro is heading)

More Info about the cover page:
- Luffy is jumping in the center of the image with his inflated arm, where he has written the phrase "End of the sea".
- Robin is sitting on a suitcase. Zoro behind her unsheathing his sword.
- Usopp lifts a part of the road and below is Brook hidden. From it comes his soul and in his hand he puts "Panty Heaven".
- Sanji is in the background, he has a sign that says "With you to Anywhere". Nami is in front of him and he has a tattoo on his thigh that says "Spa Resort".
- Chopper hitchhiking with a shirt that says "Cotton Candy Kingdom".
- And Franky goes to the bottom on one of his robots, with a bazooka in his hand. Beside it there is a post with several signs indicating different directions and places (Somewhere, Home, Hell, Cotton Candy Kingdom, Beach or Come on! Arcadia)

Sad news: Break next week

Pics: Jump Cover
Hyori and Otoko laying on Zoro's chest
Yasu hanging on a long wooden cross, Translation > Yasu: There’re two things that I need to apologize for!! One thing that I need to tell that idiot Orochi!! I’ll laugh as I pass on to the other world!!
Luffy and Hyogoro being fat
Orochi, Translation > ??: It’s true identity......!! Orochi: Why is he alive......!!?

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