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Spoil chap 943

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Spoil chap 943 Empty Spoil chap 943

Message par Papagaio Jeu 23 Mai - 10:20

Chapter title: Chapter 943 - SMILE

Cover page: Robin is knitting something very seriously with an old spider

—Flower Capital—
Kin’emon and Inuarashi were extremely hurt by Yasu’s execution and began to remember their past with him.
Orochi’s subordinates tries to get rid of the people of Ebisu Town, but they refuse and keeps shouting about Yasuie while laughing with tears.
Hiyori is still crying in Zoro’s arms: “People here don’t even have the right to feel sorrow, it’s like hell”
Zoro’s rage is building up, while Orochi carelessly claim that this is how Wano should be.

—Udon Prisoner Mine—
Luffy and Hyogoro saw the execution through the filming pond tanishi. Luffy couldn’t understand why people are laughing when someone died, Hyogoro explain that it could be the effect of the SMILE fruits.

Big Mom is not there yet.

—Nami, Shinobu and the others—
Shinobu is explaining to everyone about the SMILE fruits.
There’s only a 10% success rate to obtain ability after eating the fruit, and there’s side effect:
Those that didn’t obtain an ability will lose the expressions of sorrow and anger.
In Shinobu’s flashback three people appears, Doflamingo, Kaido and Caesar.

That’s when Orochi had an idea about those SMILE failures. He mix those fruits with the foods that were transporting from the Capital to Okobore Town.
Many people thought they were just apples, and the whole town became what it is today.

—Scene shifts to Hiyori and Zoro—
Otoko runs in, trying to save her father. She was discovered by Orochi, who shoots at her.
That’s when our Sangoro and Zorojuuro appears and save her.

Source: Oro Jackson

Zoro and Sanji reunited

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