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Spoil chap 948

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Spoil chap 948 Empty Spoil chap 948

Message par Papagaio Jeu 4 Juil - 9:20

Chapter title: Chapter 948 - Introducing Kawamatsu the Kappa

Cover page: New Cover Story: “The Fire Tank Pirates that had successfully escaped”

To make sure things doesn’t get out of control, the prisoners stop Luffy.
In order to give the prisoners hope and to get them out of Luffy’s way, Kawamatsu receives the key and someone’s favorite sword and break out.
Okiku and Raizou has revealed their identities, and they sees that Grandpa Hyo really is Hyogoro.
Okiku is going to stop Beasts Pirates from reporting to Kaido.

Break next week  Crying or Very sad

Additional Info:
- This chapter consists of 17 pages.
- Kiku's epithet is Remaining Snow.
- A new kind of sword appears in the chapter. It's called Love Sword (愛刀) or something like that.
- Kawamatsu used to be the strongest Sumo wrestler. As wolfwood mentioned, Kawamatsu's first name Yokozuna is given to strongest Sumo wrestler.
- His sword is called Soto-musou (Sumo technique

Kawamatsu Reveal
Translation: "Retainer of the Kouzuki Clan Kawamatsu the Yokozuna.
Kawamatsu: Kawamatsu the Kappa!!! Will now join the battle!!!"

Last page (Kiku transformed into a demon?)
Translation: "Raizou: True, we are just the ghosts!!!
Chopper:Huh?!! You’re a man?!
Okiku: I’m a girl at heart.
Chopper(?): Your face is scary!!
Beasts Pirates: He’s the rival ninja of Fukurokuju, “Raizou of the Mist”!!
Beasts Pirates: Then who’s Luffytarou?!!
Babanuki: This is like those jokes lord Orochi brought up. I have to report this to Kaido-san somehow!!!
Okiku: that you’ve seen it, I would have to close your mouth"

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