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Spoil chap 949

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Spoil chap 949 Empty Spoil chap 949

Message par Papagaio Jeu 18 Juil - 10:41

Chapter title: Chapter 949 -

Cover page: strawhats inside swimming pool with a large gorilla

- All chapter takes place in Udon.
- Luffy and Tama meet again.
- Luffy and those with him whip the followers of Queen and are beating the beasts pirate
- Kid and Killer see the events.
- Scorpion jailer uses chemical plague bullet
- Luffy try to grab infected people and threw them away, then he got infected
- Elephant jailer tries to throw capsule 200 through elephant's trunk
- Luffy roped the elephant then it exploded inside the elephant
- Luffy command the prisoners to attack Scorpion jailer
- Then Luffy is in charge of the prison

Additional Info:

Shonen Jump Magazine Cover
Luffy getting poisoned
Babanuki (Elephant Jailer) gets exploded

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