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Spoil chap 951

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Spoil chap 951 Empty Spoil chap 951

Message par Papagaio Jeu 1 Aoû - 10:02

Chapter Title: Chapter 951 - Rampage

Cover page:


Flower Capital
Orochi is furious that they didn’t capture any of the Strawhats.
In order to capture the criminals, they increase the level of security in the Capital
Orochi’s men starts putting up wanted posters.
Sanji and Shinobu are discussing the current situation on the rooftop.

North of Ebisu Tow
Nami is having a conversation with Bepo’s group who have escaped.
Bepo hands her a paper with the new secret code on it that’s been distributed in the cell, looks like there’re some changes.
Nami believes that she should inform Kin’emon immediately about this.
Bepo’s group begin to have a flashback on Hawkins releasing them—
Hawkins escorted Law to the cell by himself, it seems that they have made a deal with each other, or received some form of threats, Hawkins destroyed the three straw avatars of them in front of Law, and released them.
Law said to them that they can’t let the Strawhats know that he’s captured.

Between the Flower Capital and Kuri
Orochi’s men are checking with posters in hands.
Robin and Usopp passed with their “ha?” faces.
Ashura brings them to an abandoned port in the southwest, and shows them a large ship which they can put 1000 soldiers on.

Big Mom arrives at Onigashima, she’s been eating sweets nonstop.
The Calamities are there as well.
She orders Kaidou’s men to take off her handcuffs, that’s when Kaidou arrives.
Her handcuffs fall to the ground and pick up Napoleon, they clash with each other!

Next week there will be a break because there's no Shonen Jump, but we'll have a One Piece chapter in 2 weeks  bounce

The Strawhats and Heart Pirates Wano posters
Brook, Robin and Ussop "Ha" faces
Big mom and Kaido clash

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