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Spoil chap 952

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Spoil chap 952 Empty Spoil chap 952

Message par Papagaio Jeu 15 Aoû - 23:27

Chapter Title: Chapter 952

Cover page: My wife wishes are my own wishes

- Gyukimaru tells Zoro that he won't give Shusui back to Zoro because Wano got conquered due to the rage of Sword God about the loss of Shusui.
- Gyukimaru mentioned Sword God Ryuma, but Zoro replies that he doesn't care about god at all.
- Kawamatsu appears and attacks from behind Zoro. Zoro stops the attack with ease. Kawamatsu seems a bit impressed.
- According to Kawamatsu, neither Zoro nor Gyukimaru doesn't have an intention to kill each other.
- Kawamatsu asks them to stop fighting since it's ridiculous.
- Kawamatsu considers Gyukimaru as a samurai and Zoro as a "monk". lol
- Zoro is wondering if Kawamatsu is fishman or not.
- 4 Yakuza bosses are introduced. The are pissed to see Luffy calls Hyou impolitely.
- Chopper "easily" took care of the virus Queen made.
- Luffy and other 3500 prisoners are all fine.
- Kaido's subordinates say Kaido and Big Mom have been fighting all through the night.
- Queen makes a funny scene. He says he needs to go back to Udon to "check" if Babanuki successfully handled the prisoners, but actually Queen just wants to stay away from dangerous Onigashima where Kaido and Big Mom are fighting. lol
- Babanuki reports fake information to Queen due to Kibidango given by O-Tama. Babanuki says Luffy and Kidd are in prison.
- Kinemon is very pleased to see the map of Kaido's house in Onigashima. The map belongs to Ashura.
- According to Kinemon, the biggest problem for now is the lack of many weapons for samurais. He says he wikl go to Amigasa Village.
- Hiyori cries to meet Kawamatsu again. She apologizes to him that she ran away because she was worried that Kawamatsu may die since he gave all foods to Hiyori.
- Kawamatsu shows a nice smile to hear her apology.
- Kaido's henchmen appear and shoot Gyukimaru by magnum bullet for beasts. Zoro and Kawamatsu take them out.
- In the last page, Gyukimaru suddendly runs away and sheds tears for joy, saying "Kawamatsu-sama is alive!!"

No break next week

Zoro defeated Gyukimaru
Yakuza bosses

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