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Spoil chap 960

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Spoil chap 960 Empty Spoil chap 960

Message par Papagaio Jeu 24 Oct - 11:24

Chapter Title: Chapter 960 - Kozuki Oden appears

Cover page:

On the image where the guy is talking to Sukiyaki, he is explaining about Oden when he was a kid:
- At age 0 he could catch 2 rabbits
- At age 4 he could K.O a bear by throwing big rock at it
- At age 6 he was playing and spending money in the red light district
- At age 9 Oden became a bad name of the underworld and he banned from entering casino
- At age 10 he's arrested for fighting with underworld
- At age 18 he still causes various events as usual

Kin'emon was the famous punk in Wano
Three people caught a pig then Kin'emon came to them, take it and take their wallet as well
Hyo was chasing Kin'emon to collect debts
Then the 9 scabbard appeared
The pig name is “mountain god” (It is attracting thousands of pigs then the capital was rushed by thousands of wild boars and there were many injuries)
Oden heard them talking about pigs then he said very interesting. And he said to give him the pig
Oden caused chaos of harem
Chaos of harem is caused by oden because he plucked folk women and established harlem area (harem's chaos was known to the husband of the women and family of these women then they crusade together at the time hyo also participate in the battle)
Oden’s father Sukiyaki : "Here he begun oden was following the light of moon. Oden childhood was amazing. He named him “hero deeds”
In the cremation place, one person is igniting the remains of his father,Oden is cooking on the flaming body to eat . Originally,
he came to say goodbye to the deceased. When he left, he said to the deceased: The next time you drink again, it is in that world. The picture was transferred to Kinemon

More informations
Next week Weekly Shonen Jump will be on sale in Saturday, so we will have early chapter

Kozuki Oden's appearance
Kozuki Sukiyaki
The young scabbard Denjiro
Young punk Kin'emon
A young beauty of O-tsuro
Closer look of Kozuki Oden
Young Denjiro with his sunglasses
Wano country in the past
Kin'emon vs O-tsuro
Oden causing havoc
Kozuki Oden eating and drinking (HQ)

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