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Spoil chap 961

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Spoil chap 961 Empty Spoil chap 961

Message par Papagaio Mer 30 Oct - 10:36

Chapter Title: Chapter 961 - Story of the mountain

Cover page:

The attack of the mountain god wild boar continued, and there was a lot of chaos. Everyone tried to find the white pig.
One of the passers found Kin'emon and told him O-Tsuro has been eaten by the mountain god
Kin'emon ran with sword towards the god mountain and said return O-Tsuro
Oden stepped forward and said to the mountain god that the white pig is here
Kin'emon wanted to explain to everyone he is the one who brought the white pig, and Kin'emon didn't want to live because he presumed O-Tsuro died, Oden stopped him and uses two swords style to repel the mountain god
The shogun came to Oden and exiled him because of what happened. They thought he brought the pig and Oden covered Kin'emon and Denjiro. Because of that they want to follow hi and became his retainers
Yasuie is talking to his new servant Orochi

More informations
Break next week  pale

Cover page
First Page
Oden two swords style
More Oden
Everyone shocked
Chad Stride
Mountain boar destroying the capital
Oden trying to bait the parent boar

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