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Spoil chap 963

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Spoil chap 963 Empty Spoil chap 963

Message par Papagaio Jeu 21 Nov - 10:23

Chapter Title: Chapter 963 -

Cover page:

Hundreds of years ago, the Mink tribe and the Kozuki family made an appointment. If one of them experiences hardship, they must help each other.
Inu and Neko are interested in this ancient story, so they go to the sea, and then stranded in Wano.
They are treated as monsters along with Kawamatsu being bullied, and finally helped by Oden.
Kawamatsu was stranded to Wano with his mother because his ship sank.
Kawamatsu is a Fishman, he remembered the words of his deceased mother that Fishman was discriminated against, so to survive he claimed to be a Kappa
Oden was interested in the Whitebeard Pirates, who soon came to Kuri with a damaged ship that would take a week to repair. The purpose of Oden was to get on a white beards ship.
Oden heard that his father had fallen ill, so he went to visit him. Sukiyaki was surprised when he saw his son who had grown rapidly. However, this was their last talk and meeting.

-- Bit of a summary of the WB Pirates Panel --
The WB Pirates are a perplexed that they arrived on land after climbing the waterfall (Seems like a few of them are missing)
Marco volunteered to go somewhere ‘prolly scouting’ and Whitebay doesn’t want him to go coz he’s only an apprentice.
The Wano folk were in a bit of panic coz a Pirate Ship have touched down at one of the Wano Port (Idate was it?)
A random person is worried and telling some people that ‘someone’ has gone to drive them off.
Whitebeard senses someone rapidly approaching them so he tells his crew to step back.

-- Start Flashback --
We were brothers!
Inu/Neko: So it's a place overseas called Wano...? ^^
Neko: I'd like to go there some day!!
-- End Flashback --

Inu/Neko: *Screams*
Neko: Goddamnit!!!! this place is the worst!!!
Crucifier 1: Aren't they evil spirits/demons?
Kawamatsu!: Gyaaah!!! no I'm not, I'm a Kappa! *
Crucifier 2: To think we just stumbled upon a demon cat, demon dog & a kappa!
Crucifier 3: I wonder if this beach/seashore is cursed?! Let's roast them to death!!!

-- Cut to Newgate and Oden --
Whitebeard crew: Holy smokes!
Oden: My name is Kouzuki Oden. I don't know who you are but let me travel on your ship!
Edward Newgate: ?!!!

-- Cut to Kawamatsu and Oden scene --
Kawamatsu: *Munching deliciously*
Oden: *Surprised*
Kawamastu: We got stoned simply because we were fishmen, but mom got hurt/injured, so she was unable to go back to fishman island.
Kawamatsu: When mom died, she said this, "The people of the world discriminate against us fishmen, so I want you persist that you're a Kappa and live on!!!"
Kawamatsu: I am Kawamatsu the Kappa and I've lived on scraps and leftovers all up to this point.

Inu, Neko and Kawamatsu are being executed
Whitebeard Pirates arrive on Wano
Oden vs Whitebeard
Translation :
- Above line : "My name is Kozuki Oden!! I dont know who you are but!"
- Bottom line : "On your ship! Let me ride it!"
Full image of young Whitebeard
Young Kawamatsu
Oden and Whitebeard full on clash
Oden and his vassals arrive to the Flower Capital (30 years from the past)
Oden visits his father Sukiyaki. Also, Orochi's very punchable face

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