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Spoil chap 966

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Spoil chap 966 Empty Spoil chap 966

Message par Papagaio Jeu 19 Déc - 14:01

Chapter Title: Chapter 966 - Roger and Whitebeard

Cover page: "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family chap 16 - Chiffon is arrested at hairdresser by the Marines (3 new Marines appear in the cover).

Oden rushes on the island to face down Roger since he believes his pirates are here to steal the treasure.
The Whitebeard crew try to stop him but he attacks first.
Roger is overjoyed to see Oden, but attacks Whitebeard who's right behind him.
The two begin to fight while expressing how long it's been since they last met.
The two pirate crews clash with each other for three days and three nights.
On the fourth day however they've quit fighting and started partying, lol.
Blackbeard, Shanks and Buggy stand guard for their respective crews
Buggy comments to Shanks how Blackbeard has been standing on guard during the whole fight without sleeping.
He then further comments that apparently Blackbeard has never gone to sleep before in his life.
Meanwhile the captains and Oden discuss writings that Roger found 13 years ago but can't read.
Oden explains that what he has is a secret code used by the Kouzuki family to convey secrets within the family.
Roger says he got it after managing to get to a point no one else using a Log pose has “Road Star island.”
However he knows that there's still something else out there, but the Log Pose is useless beyond that point without a map.
He wants to go to this island as it's one no one has ever been to and it would complete his trip around the world.
He knows that four red stones will lead him there, but the WG has forbidden anyone to read these “Poneglyphs.”
Which leaves him at a loss. He always figured these stones just had history written on them, but they're apparently a map too.
It's rumored there's a massive treasure at this final island which is why the Government won't allow anyone to go there
It all seemed like a rumor before but the more Roger learns the more it seems to be true.
Roger wants to reach this island and become the greatest Pirate ever.
Whitebeard laughs this off, but then Roger outrageously asks to “borrow” Oden for one year.
Oden detests being treated like an object but Roger is so serious
Roger bows his head to Oden and begs him to come with him for a year.
Whitebeard is against to give up any of his family for even a little while.
However Oden can't help but be drawn into Roger's request and before he knows it he agrees to go.
While on Roger's ship, Hiyori is born, and Oden finds that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi have stowed away again
Meanwhile Crocus reveals to Oden that Roger has but one more year to live.
Roger is undeterred and says he'll live to the fullest.
The crew goes to Sky Island (Skypiea) and notes the golden bell which Roger says has a strong voice coming from it.
Oden reads it and notes that there's something about a weapon named “Poseidon”.
It goes on to state that it will lead them to the end (final island)
Oden declares that this will lead to the final chapter of Roger's adventure.

More Information:
Break next week due to no WSJ
Next chapter will have Color Spread in the cover!!!

This week's Jump cover
Roger Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates
Roger and Whitebeard clash
Roger attacks Oden
Raylegh & Scopper
Rayleigh holding Momo and Roger holding Hiyori
Roger Pirates' Skypiea adventure
Roger explaining something about the redline and logpose
Roger talks about the poneglyphs and Laugh tale
Teach and Shanks faceoff
Translation: Buggy says to Shanks: "do you see that guy with the hat? he said since the day he was born hasn't slept a single time!"

Roger bowing to Oden
Roger Pirates' Orojackson sails towards the sea
Oden writes ancient language on a poneglyph in Skypiea

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