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Spoil chap 968

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Spoil chap 968 Empty Spoil chap 968

Message par Papagaio Jeu 16 Jan - 9:12

Chapter Title: Chapter 968 - Oden's Return

Cover page:- "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family chap 17

"People called all the treasures Roger obtained thus far as ONE PIECE"

Roger talking to Rayleigh:
- Looks like we were too early
- I wonder who will find the One Piece next?
- My son, of course!- You don't have one
- It's not too late to make one yet!
- Roger Pirates parted with smiles because someday we will see you again (Roger)

More Spoilers :
After Orochi trying to convince Oden
Oden : I will cut you first and then I will think
Orochi : Yeah this guy is lunatic
Orochi : "Wait, Oden-sa... Oden! Think about it well, if you cut me, Kaido won't stay slient."

At the end of the chapter
Kaido’s silhouette appeared

More Information:
No break next Week

Roger and Shyarly
Shanks crying
Oden with ugly tears
Roger Pirates waiving goodbye to Oden
Lady Toki in tears
Angry Oden about to attack Orochi
Oden finds out Toki's scar and gets very angry
Oden slaughters Orochi's men
Roger Pirates crying and waiving goodbye to their captain
Roger disbands the Roger Pirates

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