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Spoil chap 977

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Spoil chap 977 Empty Spoil chap 977

Message par Papagaio Jeu 9 Avr - 11:39

Chapter Title: Chapter 977 - The party is over!!!

Cover Page: Chiffon and Lola finally reunited!

-Straw Hats try to start a "party" to celebrate Jinbe joining the crew, but Luffy insists that they should hold a party only after they defeat Yonko
-Jinbe joins the SHs
-Kyoushiro asks Kin about the battle plans/strategy for the raid
-Before they realize it, the SHs ship is out of sight
-From far away there is an explosion
-"Dang it! I forgot to tell them that the Tori gate at the entrance is dangerous" says Kyoushiro
-However the gatekeepers at the Tori gate have all been wiped out
-The SHs look for the Sake barrel in order to make a toast to Jinbe joining
-But they see the Samurai on the sea around them and then decide to have a massive banquet/feast with everyone instead and put the toast for Jinbe on hold
-After that is image spoilers. Then we switch Kaidou's side. (Not sure if he/she's saying the image spoilers are about Kaidou's side but anyways, we get some information on Kaidou' side)

More Information:
-No flashback about what happenned to Jimbei, he said he arrived at this time because he needs to treat his friends and a big sent-off from them
-No break next Week

Kaido talks about his son and Queen dancing
Kaido: Hicc~~ What’s that guy doing
?: what?
Kaido: I’m talking about my son!! He should at least show his face!! It’s a banquet!!!
?:we’ll search for him immediately
Kaido?: Yeah, we’ll have him meet Linlin...
?:Big Mom is currently changing into kimono...!!

X-Drake and the rest of flying six have arrived
The Flying Six have arrived!!!

Mini map of Onigashima

Law makes a plan
Law: Regardless of what kind of strategy you guys come up with, there are idiots that will try to embark on Onigashima from the front gates. There will be approximately two of them.
???: Idiot?
Law: The Idiots will work well as a diversion!! As such, as planned, everyone...(it's cut off)

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