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Spoil chap 978

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Spoil chap 978 Empty Spoil chap 978

Message par Papagaio Jeu 23 Avr - 10:27

Chapter Title: Chapter 978 - Tobi Roppo introduction

Cover Page: Lola’s Pirates thanks Fire Tank Pirates for saving their captain

- We are introduced to the members of the "Flying six" (Tobi Roppō) in this chapter.
- There are 2 women within the "Flying six", they are very beautiful.
- The names of the members of the "Flying six" (except X Drake and Page One) are inspired by British, Hungarian and Japanese card games. It seems that one may be Black Maria.
- They do not show the rewards of the members of the "Flying six".
- Someone from the “Flying six” is wearing a mask, although it may be someone else who appears in the chapter (it is not clear).
- They do not show us the Numbers, although they do have some dialogue in the chapter.
- Ulti seems like a "malicious person / fearless character" who openly tells to Kaido he is stupid

More Information:
The whole chapter show Onigashima ,Kaido manor, inside the manor
Ulti has a sharp-tongued
the last page Ulti rant Kaido about his family
Break next week because of Golden Week

Cover Page
Page one and his sister
Flying six
More of Flying Six
Mugiwaras Kaido army cosplay
Queen Singing

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