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Spoil chap 979

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Spoil chap 979 Empty Spoil chap 979

Message par Papagaio Jeu 30 Avr - 11:16

Chapter Title: Chapter 979 - Family issues

Cover Page: A Pound wrecked ship is found by Tontatta.

- Strawhats and Kidd Pirates start infiltrating Kaidos Mansion
- Once the Flying Six manage to find Kaidos son, they get the chance to challenge the calamities
- The challenge is supposed to be demonstrated in front of Big Mom. That is the reason why Kaido gathered them to meet big mom.
- Kaido wants to show strength of flying six to big mom
- If one of Flying Six win against the calamities, they can replace the respective All-Star
- We see Big Mom in her Kimono as she joins Kaido on the festival
- The numbers have a gift prepared for Kaido (it is stated that its something important)
- Kanjuro just arrived at onigashima and it is his first time arriving on the island so he got a bit lostthere.
- When the Tobi Roppo find Kaido's son, they are given the right to challenge the All-Stars through a nomination system.
- It is said King summoned the Tobi Roppo using Kaido's name.
- About King, he believes that Who's Who and Sasaki would not have come to the party in Onigashima if King himself had summoned them.
- It is because both of them used to be captains of other pirates and they plannned to take the position of All-Stars (大看板) - Sandman

More Information:
- In this chapter, Kaido's son name is revealed : Yamato
- Kaidou's son does not appear, only his name is said
- Kidd is going ahead and Luffy is following him
- Luffy : "Kinemon! Don't worry i'll make sure he doesn't ruin the plan!"
- Zoro : "Luffy is the type to make things go worst so i'll go handle it myself"
- Kidd, Luffy, Zoro disappear and everyone feels uneasy something will go wrong coz of them
- While Luffy is about to catch up with Kidd, he arrives at some place where Kaido's underlings are drinking alcohol and he gets mad, thinking about Tama, when he sees them complaining the red bean porridge is trash

WSJ Cover
Jinbe and Robin in beast pirates outfit
Jack & King have no objections to Kaido's proposal
Kaido meets the flying 6
BM: This is going to be quite difficult to deal with. So that "big announcement" had something to do with young master yamato? (BM=Black Maria here)
Kaido: that's right
BM: I see
Ulti: so troublesome! So it's just one of your family problems, kaido! Pagey: hey!
Who's who: and if we bring him here peacefully?
Kaido: ill give you guys the right to challenge for the title of all stars. How's that?
Who's who: Really? That's not a bad deal!

A female headliner responsible for making Kaido's schedule
King speech
King: Even if I summoned you all to gather, there are some of you who wouldn't heed my call.
King: Who's Who, Sasaki
Who's Who: .......
Sasaki: Well that's true
King: All of you ex pirate captains are gunning for our "All Star" seats

Kaido talks about his son Yamato
Kaidou's speech bubbles
Kaidou: I'm asking you guys to do me a favor, and here's my mission.​
Kaidou: He disappeared today​
Kaidou: My idiot son // cut off​
Kaidou: Bring him // cut off

Final page
Luffy: Ah, Oshiruko. (Bean Porridge)
And he hears the talk of Kaido’s followers
Random Beasts Pirate: It seems that we cooked a lot this time and a part of it was returned to us.
Random Beasts Pirate 2: Fool, we can use it and eat it
while we drink sake!
Just throw it away! This soup
tastes so drunk!
Random Beast Pirate: Just throw it at the town of The Remains!
Random Beasts Pirate Member: Haha! These
beggars should be grateful to us because they are alive
Luffy: ...
(remembers about Tama)
Otama: This is the first time I've had this
Otama: Yes! What a fancy food, I'm never going to have a -text cuts out

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