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Spoil chap 981

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Spoil chap 981 Empty Spoil chap 981

Message par Papagaio Mer 3 Juin - 9:27

Chapter Title: Chapter 981 -

Colour Spread: The SHs are dancing with Sanji being a DJ

- Apoo survived Kidd's attack, but suffered damage. Kidd is nitpicking Apoo for being Kaido's underling. They fight.
- Killer says the range of Apoo's attack is how far you can hear a sound.
- Number Hatcha appears. He laughs "Hachacha" and is bigger than giants
- Numbers's 8 tea is bigger than giants and sunglasses like Doffy and long bob hair
- Who's Who is preparing to go out with his underlings to search for Yamato. While looking at Queen's direction, he recalls his speech then says he also has someone he wants to get rid off
- All of Who's Who's subordinates are dressed as cats, so Who's Who may be a cat-type person.
- Kin'emon's party tries to pass by Black Maria's residence because there's no people, but they encounter Big Mom.
- Chopper is hiding in a tank. Big Mom makes eye contact with Chopper.
- Perospero declares that he does not see the alliance favourably and won’t forgive King. Flampe is in a good mood and wants Kaido to like her. Smoothie respects Mama’s decision (lit. agrees with what Mama decided) Daifuku says that rather than the alliance, their goal is to show the world Luffy’s severed head
- Nekomamushi, Marco, and Izo appear at the end of the chapter.
- Marco stops the Big Mom Pirates from climbing up the waterfall.

More Information:
Colourspread: Due to the limited space, some of the SHs including Jinbe didn’t make it in this cover. Pretty much like previous colorspread “Dwarves & Shoemakers” where members were missing

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Colour Spread

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