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Spoil chap 985

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Spoil chap 985 Empty Spoil chap 985

Message par Papagaio Mer 15 Juil - 11:52

Chapter Title: Chapter 985 - New Onigashima Plan

Color Spread: Luffy, Law and Kid are riding a parrot while eating lunchbox together

The samurai and Law meet Kanjuro at the back entrance of Onigashima. Kanjuro knows they'd make it somehow so he's been waiting. He also drew headless samurais to guard the doors. Kiku fights Kanjuro while the others take care of the underlings. Inuarashi has a sword attached to his severed leg (like Shiki).

Yamato knows Luffy is Ace's brother, she's been waiting for him since she expects to get on his ship like Oden did. Yamato wanted to get on Ace's ship but Kaidou put the shackles on her since she was 8 years old. The shackles would explode if she leaves Wanokuni. Luffy asks if it's OK for her since he will beat her dad. Yamato says she already fought with Kaidou several times and she was beaten again and again. Luffy offers to take her shackles off but then Kaidou's voice broadcasts througout Onigashima.

Kaido said that the World Government got rid of the Ouka Shichibukai since they have acquired new military power. But Kaidou and Big Mom will also acquire an Ancient Weapon and will start a war.

Big Mom enters at the banquet hall with a japanese ghost army, Zeus is with her. Nami and Carrot seems to be captured by the ghosts. Kaidou and Big Mom announce together that it's time to take One Piece!!

Kaidou will move Onigashima to the Flower Capital and turns the entire Wanokuni into lawless pirate empire. He calls it "New Onigashima". Orochi protests, saying that Wanokuni is his land, but Kaidou immediately cuts his head off with a sword.

Kaidou offers Orochi's subordinates 2 choices: become pirates and join him, or die. After taking over Wanokuni, Kaidou will make Yamato a general overseeing this new pirate empire.

Luffy and Yamato falling out of the roof, they fight through Kaidou's subordinates together. Luffy tells Yamato to lead him to where Momonosuke is right now. One underling is calling the Tobiroppo…

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Weekly Shonen Jump break next Week due to the original date of the Olympics  Sad

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