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Spoil chap 989

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Spoil chap 989 Empty Spoil chap 989

Message par Papagaio Jeu 3 Sep - 10:57

Chapter Title: Chapter 989 - I don't feel like we are losing

Cover page: Gang Bege's Oh my family chap 33 - Pound shows a locket that contains a photo with child Lola and Chiffon to prove he's their father. The photo was taken while Pound was kicked out of the room by Big Mom, so half the photo is Big Mom's feet.

Kaidou's subordinates are shocked and start running away since they know Big Mom is about to go crazy and they don't want to stay there.

Luffy starts climbing up to Onigashima's roof to fight Kaidou. Luffy tells Shinobu that Yamato is on their side. Yamato is blushing when she tells Momonosuke "Hi. I'm Oden and I will protect you". Momonosuke and Shinobu are shocked and run away from Yamato.

Big Mom gets up after Franky attack without wounds. The Yakuza bosses discuss that they should go fight Tobiroppo to buy more time instead of wasting time fighting lower-rank subordinates from Kaidou's crew. Franky introduces himself to Big Mom. Nami tells Franky to run, since he's up against one of the Yonkou.

Franky: "Why should we run just because she's a Yonkou? Do you still intend to make our captain Pirate King?"

Franky is about to shoot his beam at Big Mom but 3 Numbers appears. They are all drunk and look like onis (like Nangi in last chapter). Big Mom says they are the failed version of "Ancient Giants" (like Oars) that Kaidou bought from Punk Hazard.

One of the Numbers is holding the Brachio Tank with Usopp and Chopper. Franky shoots a beam in its face. Big Mom is about to attack Franky (she calls him "Iron Man") but Jinbe grabs Big Mom's arm from behind and throws her to the ground.

Robin springs tons of hands from the ground and roll Big Mom until she crashes into the other side of the room. Jinbe says Big Mom will soon be back angrier than ever. Franky announces it's time to assemble Franky Shougun.

Luffy climbs up to the stage and meets Zoro, who happens to appear at the door behind the stage. They decide to go up for Kaidou together, ignoring Queen. Zoro grabs Luffy then he uses "Gomu Gomu no Rocket" to fly up.

However Queen transforms into a dinosaur and grabs them with his mouth. Above Queen's head, we can see King and other flying Gifter that are waiting to block anyone that want to go for Kaidou. Sanji gets up from the rubbles, he's fine thanks to the suit that protected him.

Queen throws Luffy and Zoro back down on the floor. Hyogoro smiles and says that, although there are so many obstacles, it doesn't feel like they are losing at all. In the last double page, we can see Straw Hat Pirates standing together at last facing Numbers, Queen and King.

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Chapter raw + translation

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