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Message par Papagaio Mer 9 Déc - 12:56

Chapter Title: Chapter 998 - Ancient species

Cover page: Enel is listening music while is lying on a huge fat cat

Kaidou's men are shocked to see that their captain has an ability to lift the entire island.
In the Live Floor, Marco burns Chopper with his blue flames. The flames are not hot but they help to slow down the Koorioni. Miyagi (the goat Mink doctor) and Tristan (the squirrel Mink nurse) will help Chopper create antidote.
In an awesome double spread, Marco use his fire power to cover the entire room. The flames help to accelerate everyone's body heat and slow down the Koorioni. Chopper uses this chance to create antidote. Marco offers to take the Mugiwara Pirates to Onigashima's roof. The yakuzas will help to protect Chopper from Kaidou's men while he makes medicine.
Injured Apoo gets up and try to take the antibody back but X Drake transforms into Allosaurus (it's the first time we see him in full form, cool spikes on the back of his body). Then he grabs Apoo with his mouth and stops him. X Drake will stay in the Live Floor and will help to protect Chopper too.
Luffy and Jinbe reaches the 4th floor of Onigashima. It seems there are many strong enemies on this floor, so Jinbe says Luffy he will stay in the 4th floor while Luffy goes ahead by himself. Jinbe adds.
Jinbe: "Maybe Sanji sensed a strong enemy and went to stop him."
Luffy: "I see. My obeservation Haki isn't good enough then."
Sasaki Vs. Franky. In another huge double spread Sasaki transforms, he's the user of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops.
Sanji is running around the 3rd floof, he's unable to fight since his enemy are all women. Black Maria transforms into giant spider, she's the user of the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale grauvogeli. We can see Black Maria hanging upside down from the ceiling in a huge spread, her upper body is human but her lower body is spider. Sanji asks if he's in Heaven, because there's only women in the room.
Back to the 4th floor, it's called "Cat Cafe". Jinbe is facing Who's Who and his entire crew (the crew is cat-themed). Who's Who transforms too, he's the user of the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber-toothed tiger.
Who's Who calls Jinbe "former Shichibukai". Jinbe says he's the helmsman of Mugiwara Pirates now and tells Who's Who to use the title with more value to it.
Who's Who: "Oh, sorry about that. It's just that I had a chance to see you when you were still a Shichibukai."
Jinbe: "Uh?? I wonder if I'll know who you are if I see your real face."
Who's who: "Hehe. I'm not letting you see it."
In another fantastic double spread, we can see Ulti and Page One in dinosaur form. They are bursting through walls together searching for Nami and Usopp. Hihimaru (the baboon) was already beaten.
Cut to Onigashima's storeroom. Yamato and Momonosuke are hiding near huge dragon statue. The dragon's face is deformed as if it has been punched by something really hot. Momonosuke asks what is this.
Yamato explains that this statue uses to be placed at the entrance of the island, but "her friend" destroyed it, so it was thrown away in here.
Momonosuke: "Your friend?"
Yamato: "Yes. A guy who came here to kill my father many years ago."
In the bakground, we see flame and Ace's silhouette...

More information:
Interesting trivia from Sandman-
Interestingly enough, Marco's move is written as "鳳梨礫" in kanji. It means "Rubbles of pineapple". The kanji 鳳 stands for "phoenix". The furigana for 鳳梨礫 is Nashi-no-Tsubute, which means "not getting a reply."
We'll get a color spread for both chapter 999 and 1000!!!
Cover of WSJ 3-4 and 5-6 will be connected !
Seems issue 5-6 will have the largest poster for series in Shonen Jump History !
NO BREAK next week Smile

Who's who
Snippet from the final page

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