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Spoil chap 1002

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Spoil chap 1002 Empty Spoil chap 1002

Message par Papagaio Mer 27 Jan - 17:39

Chapter Title: Chapter 1002 - Yonkou Vs. New generation

Cover page: Rob Lucci is feeding pigeons in the park

Chapter starts with Kaidou unleashing his wind blades called “Kaifuu” (壊風 - Destructive Wind) at the Worst Generation. Kid's robot got hit but he's fine since the robot is just made of scrap metals. Zoro uses his sword to block the attack and Luffy jumps to avoid them.
Then, Luffy uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Kong Raifuru” to punch Kaidou in the face. Kaido's head is thrown back thanks to Luffy's attack, so Kid takes this chance and grabs Kaidou's neck. Then Kid uses a new attack called “Slam Gibson” to suplex throw Kaidou to the ground.
Law teleports right next to Kaidou. He says he's never seen a dragon's internal organs before but the heart must be around where he is now. Then he pierces Kaidou with “Gamma Knife”. Kaidou screams but he isn't hurt too badly.
Kaidou mentions how these brats aren't just "tough idiots", they studied how tough his skin is as well. Killer runs on top of Kaidou's body, then he uses an attack called “Kamaa Sonic” (鎌阿音撃 - Scythe Sonic). We see his blades becoming massive (we don't know if it's an illusion or they are real) and how they cut right through Kaidou's body damaging his inside.
Big Mom hits Killer with a new attack called “Indra” (威鼓 - Powerful Drum), saying that as long as all of them are under this sky, there's no escape from her attacks. Kaidou opens his mouth to chomp on Killer, who is falling from the sky. But Luffy hits Kaidou's face first with “Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider”.
Kaidou then prepares to use “Bolo Breath” on Luffy. Zoro asks Law to transport him up there. Law complains why he has to babysit them, but complies anyway. Law teleports Zoro in front of Kaidou just in time. Kaidou unleashes “Bolo Breath” but Zoro uses again Kinemon's “Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki” to cut it and protect Luffy.
Zoro then prepares to use his Ittouryuu (One Sword Style) and “Hiryuu Kaen” attack (the move he used to defeat Ryuma in Thriller Bark). Big Mom warns Kaidou to get out of the way. She senses that the sword is not any usual sword. Zoro slashes at Kaidou but misses his attack slices one of Onigashima's horn off. Kaidou is surprised, he can sense Oden's presence in Zoro's sword.
Big Mom then uses a massive new attack called “Tenman Daijisai Tenjin” (天満大自在天神 - The supreme God that covers entire sky) where she unleashes a rain of thunders from the sky. This attack is similar to Enel's “Mamaragan” but all Big Mom thunder has souls inside of them, so they can move and attack from any direction.
Luffy, Zoro, Law and Kid get struck by it, but Luffy can still jump back up in the air. Big Mom is surprised.
Big Mom: "Why doesn't work against you!?"
Luffy: "Because I'm rubber."
Kaidou then shoots another “Bolo Breath” right at Luffy, but Luffy withstands it.
Kaidou: "Fire doesn't work too? Why!?"
Luffy: "Because I'm "tough" enough!!"
Luffy then uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatoringu” on Kaidou...

More information:
NO BREAK next week Smile

Chapter RAW
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