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Spoil chap 1005

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Message par Papagaio Mar 23 Fév - 22:58

Chapter Title: Chapter 1005 - Devil child

Cover page: Katakuri shares donuts and milk with some kittens

Black Maria needs to hurry and goes to kill the Red Scabbards, so she orders Sanji to call Nico Robin already. The entrance to the 3rd floor is already covered in Black Maria's web so, as soon as Nico Robin comes near, she'll be trapped and shot by Black Maria's subordinates.
Black Maria puts on a knuckle and starts punching Sanji, but Sanji says nothing. Black Maria's subordinates become moved by Sanji's defiance, saying he must be enduring it for the sake of his nakama.
Sanji: "Stop! Give me one second to say something!"
Black Maria's subordinates: "Ohhhh!!He's going to say something cool like "Go to hell!" then be willing to die for his crew's sake."
Sanji: "HELP ME ROBIN-CHANNNNN!!!I'm taken hostage in the banquet room on the 3rd floor!I'm sorry!!"
Sanji's voice is heard throughout the island. We see Sasaki fighting Franky, Jinbe fighting Who's Who and Marco fighting King (we see that King is shooting bullets).
Kid's crew: "What the hell is this pathetic broadcast?"
Law's crew: "It's the guy from Straw Hat's crew!"
Sasaki is mocking Franky saying that Sanji is a pathetic guy for luring Nico Robin to go into a trap. Marco laughs and mentions how delightful these guys (Straw Hat crew) are.
Nami: "Good grief...!! The enemy must be a woman then."
Usopp notices that Sanji's voice comes from a cat with eye-marked paper in the face.
Black Maria says she really likes Sanji so she won't let him go. He will become her pet like the other guys in the room who are trapped in web and keep saying how Black Maria is the only one they love.
Sanji: "No! I want to love all the ladies!"
Black Maria gets angry and is about to punch Sanji again. But Robin's gigantic hand appears and slaps Black Maria. Robin gets an awesome entrance in the banquet room.
Robin: "I've been in an evil organization for quite a long time.When my friend gets hurt, my "Demon Side" tends to come out!"
It's revealed that Brook has frozen all Black Maria's webs, so Robin could enter into the floor without getting trapped. Brook then freezes Sanji's web and frees him.
Black Maria: "Stop “Black-Leg”!! I won't let you go!"
Robin: "Are those your last words?"
Robin then turns and winks at Sanji.
Robin: "Thank you for asking for my help!! I'm happy you did."
Cut to Yamato and Momonosuke side. Yamato caught a rat with an eye-marked paper sneaking into the room. Yamato explains that these are Kaidou's spies called "Marries" (or "Merries", japanese name is メアリーズ). They are cyborgs that are released throughout the island and send images and signals to the human "Marries".
Kaidou's men know now that they are hiding in this room and are breaking in. So Yamato and Shinobu fight through them together while Momonosuke is hiding in Yamato's shirt.
Cut to 3rd floor, Jack is recovered and is running toward the samurai's room. He wishes to settle his old grudge with Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Raizou. Jack tells Black Maria via communication signal that he'll do this himself. The Red Scabbards may be half-dead but they are still too strong for a “Tobiroppo”.
Cut to Black Maria, she's preparing to fight Robin and Brook. Black Maria tooks of her kimono revealing a tattoo on her back with the word 女難 (trouble with women) She's wielding a massive weapon, a long stick that has a Wanyūdō (a flaming cartwheel with a demons' head) at the edge.
Black Maria: "Nico Robin! Your life will be now in Kaidou-sama's hand!!"
Robin: "I'd rather die!!!"

More information:
NO BREAK next week Smile
OP will get a color spread and will be on the cover of the WSJ magazine next week

Chapter RAW

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