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Spoil chap 1006

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Spoil chap 1006 Empty Spoil chap 1006

Message par Papagaio Mer 3 Mar - 14:30

Chapter Title: Chapter 1006 - Hyogoro of the flower, the chivalrous

Jump cover: Luffy (center), Law (left) and Kid (right)

Color spread: Dedicated to Beast Pirates
- Kaidou at the center, from top to bottom.
- Below Kaidou are King (at the botom of Kaidou), Jack (left) and Queen (right).
- Who's Who is at left upper corner (red suit, blue shirt and pink blade (handle and scabbard)) and Black Maria is at the right upper corner (dark blue and red kimono).
- One Piece logo is at the bottom (in the center, covering King's legs).
- Page One and Ulti are at the bottom-right (both with white suits, but Ulti's cape is dark blue and her skirt is light blue). Sasaki (white cape and green blade (handle and scabbard)) and X Drake are at the bottom-left.

Chapter starts with Bao Huang, she notices Yamato group so she announces their location to the entire castle. After listen it, Sanji has to decide which group he's going to help, the Red Scabbards or Momonosuke's group. Then he makes a decision but we don't know which.
Onigashima is still flying, we can see that Fujiyama is not so far away. Outside the castle, the full moon is covered by clouds. We see Perospero sitting on a rock, above him Carrot and Wanda (turned back into their normal forms) are in the ground surrounded by lots of candy poles and spears. Perospero defeated them and now is entering to the castle.
At the “Live Floor”, Marco is fighting both King and Queen at once. X Drake and Hyougorou will protect Chopper from Apoo and Kaidou's men until he creates Koorioni's antibody.
Hyougorou is infected with “Koorioni” which seems to bring out every bit of it's strength in the person's body so they can wreck havoc before dying. This results in Hyougorou turning back into his huge form temporarily.
Hyougorou uses “Hana no Ittouryuu” (花の一刀流 One-Sword Style of the Flower) and his attack “Tobatsu Kohai” (怒髪光拝 Halo Rage). Hyougorou brings out the last of his strength and defeats Mimawarigumi (even Hotei) and almost everyone on the floor.
While he's attacking, Hyougorou thinks to himself about how he used to regret not joining forces with Oden to fight Kaidou 20 years ago. Now Kinemon helps carried out the raid and he has found a great disciple (Luffy) so now he can die without regrets.
Queen is about to shoot a laser beam from his mouth at Hyougorou, but Marco kicks Queen's neck with his attack “Houou In” (鳳凰印 Phoenix Brand) to stops the beam. King cuts one of Marco's wing, but he grows a new one and shoot a powerful flame attack called “Blue Bird” (青炎雁 Blue Fire Goose) sending King flying into the wall.
Then, when Queen is about to gets up, Marco uses another new attack called “Ongul” (鶴爪 Crane's Claw) to kick Queen again. Marco says he's exhausted and a bit bloodied from fighting two 1 billion Berries bounty guys at once. Suddenly, Perospero enters the room and notices Marco's getting exhausted.
Back to Hyougorou. “Koorioni” is taking over his body so he asks a Yakuza to kill him before he transforms completely and loses his consciousness.
Hyougorou kneels down and thinks to himself that he doesn't regret anything while Yakuza swings his blade at Hyougorou's neck...

More information:
NO BREAK next week Smile

Chapter RAW

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